Fremantles Light Rail, More Destructive to Fremantle Homes and Businesses, Than PFL?


South St Rd Reserve

The link above takes you to a map that takes a few seconds to load. It may need to be zoomed in to South St , between, Carrington St and Bruce Lee Reserve

This map will show you South St reserve,  coloured in red which starts just west of Bruce Lee Oval and heads east out of Fremantle.

This is the space set aside to expand South St, which would be needed to incorporate a light rail system. Unless councils plan is to just ban cars on South St? In the Herald last month we see the article about  Rachel Pemberton,  EYES ON A LIGHT RAIL FUTURE

This would appear to make Fremantle Councils light rail more destructive to Fremantle than the PFL.  All the verge trees and many in peoples front yards would need to be cut down, or cleared to make way for Rachel’s Pemberton’s Light Rail Future.

  • How many families would lose homes on South St?
  • How many businesses would need to knocked down to make way for the new rail line?
  • How much of their blocks will be reclaimed for the new verges area?
  • All the big pine trees on South St before Carrington St would need to go.
  • About 80 trees between Carrington St and Stock St would need to go.
  • The impact east of Stock Rd could also be huge if over head power is needed, with many old large trees could over hang the power system.
  • How will this effect the value of all homes along South St especially those close to road with added rail noise and vibration. Wheel squeal and flanging noise are often causes of annoyance to residents as the high pitch screeching is mainly found at the high frequency end of the human audible noise spectrum?
  • Now its been made so public will real estate agents now have to warn prospective buyers of the developments the council is driving for.
  • Now the Councillor has come out and spoken about it so publicly, what impact could this have on Trans Perth not prioritizing new bus routes or possible rapid bus transit lanes, which TP development speaks of?
  • The months of turmoil on people and businesses while South St is dug up and the new infrastructure is put in place?
  • Worse, no road reserve is noted for the final leg to Fremantle, so who’s street could it drive through and what is the impact on loss of homes and businesses to for fill their ideology? Leaving years of uncertainly for local families
  • This is just the start of the questions of the impact that such a project could have.

The devastation on an old established suburb will be huge by driving a light rail system through these old heritage areas.


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  1. freoishome says:

    I have opened both your links. Cant see any area marked in red west of Bruce Lee Oval. I also wasn’t able to make the leap from that to your conclusion. So maybe you have further info. In the herald she talks about a hub, but in a broader sense than you imply for public facilities, business as well as the Light Rail. Being adjacent to the oval makes some sense, particularly with the Tafe college just one block south.
    I’m not for or against just trying to gain more understanding of what you imagine is proposed?

    • Mark says:

      The link works on my computer, can’t say how it will come out on others computers. The intramaps maps also has a permission step which may make an issue.
      I may just screen shot it but then people can’t expand it.
      Paul council is looking at a hub by Yagloo Ave approx, then to have a stop by the TAFE would be quite close, to have stops this sort of a distance apart for the size of light rail system. This could be better served by a bus. Especially if their intent is to go all the way to Murdoch with rail.

      Anyway the point is the Rail up south st would impact more Fremantle Homes, Businesses and big trees than the Perth Freight Link.
      Sounds strange to argue against a road because it impacts homes, businesses and trees, then to plan a rail system that has a bigger/worse impact on Fremantle Homes, properties, businesses and trees, no?
      What you describe is better serviced by Bus than rail and would not need all the homes, business and trees to be cut down.

      I came down South St yesterday (Sunday about midday) between Nth Lake Rd and Stock, as I passed the McDonalds the traffic came to a stop from there to Stock Rd the traffic was at a stand still and needed 3 changes of the lights to get through the stock road intersection.
      Fremantle needs some form of expressway into and out of town.
      I will add a screen shot to make it easier for people to see.

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