Fremantle’s New Bunny Problem


Young Fremantle girls campaign to stop rabbit-baiting at Bathers Beach

It seems Fremantle council has a new issue for its bunnies problem at the beach and esplanade areas.

I read last night of a couple of young girls who like Freo’s local bunnies and looking to have them relocated instead of poisoned/baited which I believe was suppose to happen as soon as Wednesday. As its has been approved by council

Another interesting situation humanely trapping rabbits may prove a bit of a problem and where to relocate them to as they will provide the same issues where ever they are go to.

Maybe they have become Fremantle’s version of the Quokka, cute but possibly annoying for the locals but a lovely distraction for visitors.

Personally I think rabbits are a pest but each to their own.

The only issue I have with baiting is what else goes it kill with its poisons?

Interestingly poisons came at council last month with one councilor looking to see if its possible to go back to a weed poison program instead of  their current system, which appears to be more expensive.

It’s a bit funny having the council worry about the state of the vegetation on the esplanade and the damage done by bunnies after we see the state of the esplanade from the last event they approved that closed just last week, which was also given to the users for free.

Well good luck to the 2 young ladies on their crusade


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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Go Tanga and Georgia!

    I suppose its possible to have the annual rabbit cull turned in to a rabbit roundup! The article didn’t say where the girls thought the bunnies should go…. that’s the sticking part. Find a place and Mayor Brad Pettitt – who I’m sure is a cuddly bunny on the inside – would probably give it a go. I mean, where’s the love? Everytime you hear the news someone’s killed something.

    I say give the girls a go; you never know. Look how far they’ve gotten already!

    (Don’t mind Mark…. he’s male)

  2. freoishome says:

    Feral creatures are a pest. What are the schools teaching our kids these days? These creatures are damaging, sometimes destroying the habitats and food sources, and in the case of creatures like cats outright murdering our native creatures.

    Mankind has introduced these feral creatures, now mankind has to take the action necessary to rid our land of them. Unpleasant it may be, but we are responsible now we need to be accountable. Mankind has an obligation to rid us of these. Tough on councillors having to make the decisions, but that is one of their roles.

    It is all too easy to take the easy action of doing next to nothing. The environment is important.

    The education system and parents have a role too!

    This crusade should not be supported!

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