Freo forced to review revamp – The West Australian

The City of Fremantle has defended its decision to partner with a private developer in the $270 million overhaul of its city centre but acknowledged the deal was at risk if the State Government failed to move the Department of Housing to the port city.

Source: Freo forced to review revamp – The West Australian

Well you would have to say about time, finally the West has a look at the Kings Sq but seems to have waited long enough for all the ducks to get inline though its still a very murky pond they are all hiding in?

Of course missing the real points that Fremantle’s resident and rate payers are asking, that is can we please see all the documents that are hidden from view. No Transparency for us i guess ?

Can you please give us all the information you used to make the your NPV? No, confidential you say?

How do you take a a $45million investment, while paying for all the costs for it and turn it into $90million, especially in Fremantle’s current empty shop environment?

But i would say facts are not a real big issue if the West Australian doesn’t know that Hoyts queensgate left some time ago, you think they may have missed the advertising money?

No mention of a State Minister who doesn’t want to know what  the facts on the Kings SQ, as he isn’t going to even look?

Well no matter, its only $45million dollars, they did lead the story in with a great “Artist impressions of Fremantle’s Kings Square development”

A real case of the 3 wise monkeys in Fremantle. sorry 4.

4 wise monkeys

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