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Source: Freo’s $2.35m park bench | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great article by the Herald, keeping this important issue in the public eye where it belongs. Brad this issue will be kept up till we get to the bottom of the issue.

The Kings Square Business Plan is a classic example of lack of governance, no transparency with the hidden documents, and works on the premise of we the council has seen the details, so trust us?

Seriously its amazing the hypocrisy of the council which cries foul with lack of detail from the state government on projects, yet which they find as poor policy from the State government, well COF look in the mirror its exactly what you have done the resident and ratepayers  on numerous occasions,

Kings Square Business Plan

J-sheds work shops

Signal station just recently

McCabe St with the height issues being tabled at Council was not what was represented in the community consultations

The esplanade development

South Beach basket ball court the option on the table is one the one not in the community consultation

Its just goes on and on, poor governance lack of transparency, no representation, the only thing they score well on is being consistent in the lack of concern for true representation for the rate payers and residents.

I have also cut and pasted a great letter to the Herald on the Kings Sq issue and the CEO’s mini series length response to questions raised on the subject, note I said response as I don’t think they answered a single question? If anything dug a hole a little deeper for council as now they seem to be contradicting each other and themselves from statement to statement, must be hard keeping this story straight over the years?

Lets not forget the personal attack launched on a private citizen, for raising a question by the mayor Brad Pettitt and the CEO in the Heralds Thinking Allowed piece. Or a Minister (Tony Simpson) in the liberal government who is not even able to ask questions about issues in his portfolio, showing no interest in the amenity of the rate payers and residents and poor judiciary duty in his office of responsibility

Fremantle Council Mauls Questioning Resident

Rambling response
WHAT a rambling seven page “response” by the City of Fremantle CEO for the still unsatisfactorily answered concerns on the Kings Square business plan figures.
After months of stonewalling, dismissing financial concerns as boring or academic, attacking ratepayers for asking questions, hiding behind confidentiality, and missing-in-action councillors, we still have dodgy assertions the $45 million expenditure on the proposed civic and administrative buildings with minimal income after redevelopment will generate a commercial rate of return.
The CEO is still struggling with the financial concept the $45m building expenditure won’t actually suffer from any depreciation for technological and service obsolescence.
Just ask the CEO and councillors—based on their logic that any building expenditure constantly rises in value, how is it the existing council building has reached its service limit and is now worth demolition value?
Then ask if the financial assertions in the Kings Square business plan make sense.
Craig Ross

Well said Craig, I would love to watch a Councillor try and explain or justify this debacle of a business plan to Craig.

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