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Seriously, what was the council thinking

Activate this area, in Summer this area does not need activation, to think so you would need to have had a crack to the head, or have never have been to this beach, on the weekend this place is packed.

I have written posts already last summer on the parking problems on the weekend. I have invited Councillors down the the beach to see the issue with parking.

Fremantle Beach Chaos

By 8am on the average Sunday morning over summer the parking is full between Port and Leighton beach.

This is not taking into consideration when surf carnivals run at  Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club.

The council claims it wants to activate the area, who do they think they are kidding,  Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club has over 500 members just in nippers, on its best day Fremantle council could not supply the activation to Leighton/port beach that the FSLSC  does on a routine basis over summer.

All the council needs to do is supply suitable parking infrastructure for the beach. Maybe working public toilets, change rooms and showers would be a plus?

Not approve infrastructure to be built over the top of areas used for parking.

Again a council that’s clearly out of touch with reality here.



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  1. freoview says:

    Amazing that we need an artificial wave machine on the beach where natural waves pound in every few seconds. Parking in summer is very difficult along those beaches and the wave machine could have been put in a park, or in the carpark next to the Esplanade Youth Plaza,

    Roel Loopers

  2. Port isn’t known for its massive waves, so having an artificial wave machine isn’t a bad idea. But you are right, this section of beach, especially the parking aspect, can get very busy during the summer months and often its near impossible to find a car park. Its also getting busier each year.

    You are also right in relation to the facilities, which have been abysmal at best. Ask the people who go there every day on what they think of them. That piece of bitumen, just north of Salt on the Beach, is atrocious and realistically the CoF should be thinking about pumping that additional income from this venture into that area, if its going to promote these types of activities.

    Perhaps a few beach volley ball courts and other surf side facilities between port beach and Leighton would have been more appropriate. Maybe talking to the State government to see what they are going to put in to the realignment and additional facilities. This section of beach could be a little more commercial without ruining it, but one has to wonder about a wave machine on a beach? and not ON the beach.

    As a side note, the Mayor and Councilors could learn a lesson and read about the WA Inc saga and the then Labor Govt getting too close to business entities in today’s West Australian. Also, where’s the plan for activating that section of beach? It seems very adhoc and disjointed. But I guess we’ve all become accustomed to that style of mismanagement from the Pettitt mob.

  3. Jayne says:

    Yes it would make more sense to activate an area that is quiet wouldn’t it? But then the operator would have to spend money on marketing to get people there. Looks like council has prioritised the desires of an outside business over access by residents. This is the same issue we have with promoter use of the Esplanade area in summer when that area is already very popular with residents and visitors. And now that the boardwalk at bathers beach is very busy on weekends, we have the potential for Sunset Events proposed tavern to turn that beautiful area into chaos. Meanwhile vast areas of Freo remain empty…

    • Mark says:

      Jayne quite right it seems that the council is not interested in activating an area well not at least till one of their approved big ticket operators starts up. I think the round house area is a good example, another seems to be kings sq they don’t seem to want it to be possible till their huge project is up and running. Its a bit of a see we are right of course if something simple does it it would make it harder to justify some of the ridiculous projects they are driving, ie jshed.

  4. Benjamin says:

    They plan to increase the population of North Fremantle by 50% by approving high rises on McCabe St. Perhaps that will improve the parking situation somehow?!?!?!

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