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King concerns | Fremantle Herald Interactive.

So we wait to see what Minister Simpson has to say?

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Hopefully it’s because investors have come to buy up the unsold apartments?

Some of the comments on local blogs have suggested its withdrawal was due to the bad PR or image it’s attracting in the community? If you believe what councillor Sullivan claims it was due to the hard bargain the COF staff were driving, wasn’t quite what the Mayor said that night at council? As he seemed to think that that other buyers wanted to get in at list price? I don’t recall in the agenda seeing any indication of a hard bargain being driven? From what I read, I think it would have been hard for an impartial person to vote for the issue?

It’s interesting that comments in the agenda state that the city is getting a better price than current list prices, if the market is down who pays current list prices anyway? If they haven’t sold enough apartments after 3yrs to activate their finances, then that’s the market telling you they are possibly overpriced, isn’t it? I recently heard a real-estate agent state, there isn’t any problem in real estate that the price can’t fix!

Given the Mayors statement in council and Councillors Sullivans, that the city drove to hard a bargain, it would be interesting to see what deal the City was offered by Heirloom and if any, what was the COF counter offer, which I don’t recall seeing in the agenda?

It seems that a few responders on the blog did not take to heart Councillor Sullivan’s comments?

The other issue, by the Herald, that of the Councils Kings Sq Business plan being raised in parliament last week,  perhaps the Heirloom deal was withdrawn due to attention that the COF was getting from parliamentary questions?

It will be interesting this week to see if any other media picks up on this issue and where it goes considering the minister, is yet to respond to the questions?

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