Update; Lights out for Kings Square

Good news on the lights I got a call from the City first thing this morning and they are looking into the lights, saved me a phone call ringing them today, seriously great to see a proactive response.

Just leaves me to call the cops and see if they are aware of the anti-social issues after dark.





Lights out for Kings Square

For I don’t know how many times, I walked into a dark Kings Square tonight, no street lights on, the place in complete darkness.

The night activity was in full swing drunks and/or druggies screaming and yelling abuse, throwing things around.

It is more noticeable # worse when the place is darkness, the anti-social behaviour just ramps up. I spotted that both ranger and council security cars where around at Kings Sq about the same time. Not that it seemed to make any difference?

How is it that a simple issue like street lights, right in front of the councils front doors are such a challenge,  its even worse now the library closes early,  there is clearly no real interest in activation or even public safety for this area?

I also noticed today that the Council chambers upstairs are getting a new paint job, I guess that’s not a good sign when a council is repainting a building they are supposedly knocking  down in the very near future, does that mean Kings Sq plan B is not on track? The frequently much promised start date of kings sq, “soon to be announced”, is well and truly overdue, maybe Brad is looking for lessees while he cycles around Europe on his rate pater funded junket?

Good news I hear that the Heirloom project has hit their sales mark and work could start in just days.

Even better they don’t need the rate payers $3million to kick it off?

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  1. I read that too in this mornings paper. Good news for them. It only took a couple of years to sell the apartments. I think Sirona came to the rescue in the end, again, not just with the last few apartments, but with a block purchase/investment to prop it up some time back. Good luck to them, if they can make some money out of it, go for it. Looks as though they still have quite a few apartments remaining to sell once its all done.

    No mention of Brad Pettitt’s last thought bubble in purchasing the last few apartments of behalf of the people of Fremantle and showing us all what a great investor he really is, to get the project started. Pumping it up on social media with his number one spruiker in tow, Andrew Sullivan. For those unfamiliar with that saga of fiscal irresponsibility, Pettitt was again basing his actions to purchase several overpriced apartments purely on realizing his dream regardless of costs or debt burden to the people of Fremantle. Maybe he was using the same calculator used to analyse the King Square project? At least if he doesn’t get the next Greens seat in the Senate, he’ll have a good career as a property spruiker/charlatan.

    It will be interesting to see if Match can keep it on schedule and within budget. I guess the cost of money has dropped considerably for them over the last few years, but its a large project and the standards of some o the Match developments down near South Beach have a lot to be desired, according to previously published complaints by residents and purchasers.

    The council should be revisiting and supporting the development of the other old Woolstores building without the over-the-top requirements they previously have sought to impose on that development, so that progress can be made. Otherwise it will likely sit there for another 30 years rotting away and end up like the Old Guildford Hotel, or worse still, being completely torn down or gutted by fire.

  2. Daniel says:

    Lights will all be back on again tonight. Someone had accessed the main switchboard and turned off the timers.

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