It sounded much better when they where taking about it council a few weeks when I down loaded the file Freo 2029 I was a little disappointed the same old stuff in a glossy publication, all waiting for the state government to come and spends hundreds of Millions of dollars in the CBD and nothing for all the suburbs.
So far the major parties all have outstanding promises on rail links mostly North of the river, so before we get anything they will need to satisfy current obligations, I can’t see any of that in the next decade, so maybe Freo is 15-20 yrs before it even gets a look in if at all?

Clearly the State Governments over the last 20 yrs or so have little interest in investing in Fremantle. Clearly the current council has done nothing to change that.

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  1. The Liberal State Government is currently spending hundreds of millions in Fremantle. It’s mostly being spent on a road project. Get a commitment from the Labor Party. Get a firm, commitment. Simone McGurk isn’t and won’t promise anything.

    If you want to make a comparison between the two major parties, make a comparison on dollar value spent and firm commitments.

    You are right about the CBD vs the suburbs.

    • Mark says:

      Matthew I get your $ spend point but I think people are looking for plans like those of Scarborough or Cott.
      Sadly the concern of freo council outside the CBD is shown in the spend they really dont give a toss once u head east of Hampton Rd.
      Going to council meetings regularly I have heard councillors complain of such.
      If the libs wish to be taken seriously in freo then we need stuff like scarb or cott, a road link that benefits the whole metro area is hardly a benefit for just freo, it will not develop retail or business in freo, fremantle deserves more

      • Diana Ryan says:

        If the council is so concerned about how little is spent in Fremantle, except for a toll road that will ensure more “efficient” transportation of the many, many items of freight brought in through Fremantle, why is it getting in to bed with Committee for Perth, whose “business leaders” members, huge corporations involved in shopping conglomerates, mass construction, mining equipment etc are very much a part of what is being freighted in and shipped through Fremantle to the detriment of the community’s health, who will benefit from the new road?

        I thought this collaboration was to produce a work that ensured Fremantle would thrive?

        Has the Council of Fremantle the courage to request an amendment to the terms of reference for this work to encourage the Committee for Perth to commit to lobbying its own members to directly act on reducing emissions from their own freighting, within Fremantle’s boundaries, as the biggest and best contribution this organisation can actually make to Fremantle’s future?

        No flights to fly to other ports necessary – this is a pretty obvious one. Will this collaboration between Freo and CfP turn out to represent a quantum leap forward in terms of the very captains of the industries that contribute towards the declining ability to remain healthy in Freo making a commitment to reduce the impact their own operations have on Fremantle (and hopefully without subsidisation)? Or will it just be another work telling everyone else what they should do?

        • Mark says:

          Diana I think you may find a big difference in Fremantle between tokenism and actual measurable results. You hear a lot of talking the talk but see little of walking the walk

  2. All those big corporations and businesses are providing thousands of jobs. You make it sound like you don’t need jobs or that all jobs should only come from government, not private enterprise. They also provided needed services.

    I was responding to the claim that the State Government spends nothing on Fremantle and it’s simply not true.

    There is also the $40mil they have said they will spend on the Leighton upgrade. Would I prefer it was spent on Port Beach? Sure. But it fixes a major problem and should improve that whole section on beachfront and road.

    All I called for was a comparison of Labor spending and it’s just not there in ironclad guarantees.

    As consumers we all benefit with better transport to and from the port.

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