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I think you forgot to mention the Council as well, complicit in Freos lack of maintanance and care.Why many issues you mentioned may be true, as it is for the all Major parties greens included what have any of them ever done for Fremantle.
What Fremantle needs is good independents in Local, State and Federal Government, who truly have Fremantle at their heart, not all the ideology crap from their parties? The shemozzle of governments around the country are allowing independents or minor parties to have a larger say, that’s what Freo needs an independent voice that cares about Freo at its core.

Having said that “Save Freo” was still a no campaign, as was “Hands Off Cockburn” when Freo backdoored them and came to a deal to carve pieces off to suit themselves, that whole deal was just like a pack of wolves looking for a lamb for dinner.

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  1. I think he must be losing the plot with statements like that.

    Rather than focusing on what the current Liberal Government are NOT doing, he should look at what they ARE doing and have done. I would say it is a damn sight more than the Labor Party and the Greens have done for Fremantle in recent times.

    – Recent (2013) upgrade to Fremantle Aquatic Centre (Pools) – $1 million
    – Warders Cottages in Fremantle – $2 million
    – Perth Freight Link Upgrade (Stirling Highway/Leach Highway) – $100 million
    – Upgrades to Flashing 40km Lights in School Zones (all Fremantle Schools) – $?
    – WA Maritime Museum – $36 million
    – Australian Sailor Monument (Rous Head – WA State Contribution) – $250,000
    – New Fremantle College/South Fremantle SHS – $35 million estimate
    (The Premier did mention at his address at the Town hall meeting last year, that a potential High-School upgrade requires a $30 to $50 million spend)
    – Security Cameras for City of Fremantle via a Grant – $250,000
    – Lotterywest Grant for Skate Park – $600k? or was it a $1million?

    Let me guess, without even reading the article its a litany of Labor policy wants. Fremantle Emergency Department back. Replace the Old Fremantle Bridge. Heritage Warders Cottages back to State Housing. No Perth Freight Link. Upgrade the Port to Leighton Beach coastal area (technically a Cottesloe electorate). Light Rail (Give it another 30 years and we might see it). Am I close?

    Maybe he’s trying for a job at Simone McGurk’s office?

    Instead of taking Roel Loopers opinion, have a look at Hansard and the State budgets and see it for yourself. Better still. Call the DPC (Department of Premier and Cabinet). I very much doubt Loopers has even listed anything the Labor Party or Greens have secured for Fremantle, its just a hollow rant.

    I have to disagree when it comes to independents Mark. Adele Carles was an independent after leaving the Greens and look what happened. Nothing. What was she able to do? Unfortunately she was Green and therefore left wing and didn’t hold the balance of power. Her voting record spoke for itself. Voting 88% of the time, against the government, when she was an independent.

    If she was so independent, it would be more like 50%.

    As per the letter in last weeks Herald. Fremantle is the pimple on the arse of Perth. That was from a resident of Bull Creek from memory.

    Wishing about funding while ranting and raving at the Premier like a madman isn’t going to achieve anything.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think he mentioned the Hospital in this post.
      In regards to the Leighton & Port beach area I have been asking for upgrades to the car parking in the Area as its dangerous and woefully inadequate for the volume or use it gets, The Fremantle SLSC has over 500 + nippers and needs better basic facilities like car parking and after lobbying Bill Massie on the issue he has taken several looks at the area and got Nrth Freo Councillor Rob Fittock to come and have a look and they spoke with the club as well. Ihave blogge on teh issue several times, so you can blame me for that not Roel.
      I don’t think a person who was in a party then who went independent for whatever reason is what i call independent or what was i was referring too?
      The freight link also is more of a state issue then Freo.
      I agree that blaming just Barnett is senseless for me they are all as bad as each other in bringing Freo forward and i lump current council into that basket as well. If they can’t provide an acceptable environment for investors. government included why would they spend the cash? Taking us back to a core issue for Freo anti-social behavior and council has provided an environment for this to worsen not improve I believe.

      • I agree. But I don’t think you’ll get another independent in Fremantle. How Adele became independent is another story and she did go to the election in 2013 as an independent and only achieved a very small vote. Prior to this there have been other independents who have similarly achieved a small vote.

        Generally people accept that an independent isn’t going to achieve the results needed to lift Fremantle. History in politics generally doesn’t have an independent who starts off independent. They are usually in a party and leave after being disgruntled. One recent exception was Carol Adams the Kwinana Mayor, but she was supposed to be preselected as the Labor candidate over Roger Cook, or Paul Papalia and nearly won the seat in 2008 as an independent. But, again, she is left wing and would vote with the Labor party.

        I’m not sure what the time line is for the upgrades for the beach area, you should call either the Premier’s office or his electorate office. However, he did go the last election with that as a key initiative.

        “Premier Colin Barnett has announced that an initial contribution of $30million had been provided to transform Scarborough beach and surrounding areas, and up to $40million set aside for the realignment of Curtin Avenue, south of the Marine Parade roundabout in Cottesloe.”

        I think one of Roels last hollow rants related to Scarborough getting the beach upgrade and Fremantle getting nothing. Well, it seems Fremantle is getting more. The people of Fremantle that swim there will get more. I think that is designed to fix the parking situation and people generally accept its been a huge problem for ages.

        Add that to the above list.

        The City of Fremantle need to approach the Liberal Upper House members and get the allocated funding. Its there, but they don’t ask for it.

      • Julia says:

        Going back to anti social behaviour. If I was the parent of the 14 yr old girl who was assaulted on the 920 bus in Fremantle the other day. I would be contacting a lawyer and requesting to view local CCTV vision to see if this person police are seeking to question was displaying other questionable behaviour in Fremantle. There is a duty of care to residents and visitors to Fremantle and if certain behaviour is not being dealt with then I would be taking matters much, much further. Seems like a lot of substance sniffing from soft drink bottles is out of control at the moment and violence is getting beyond the ridiculous.

        • Mark says:

          Julia sorry to hear about daughter’s assault it’s a disgrace that public transport has so many issues.

          Julia I believe the anti-social behaviour issue is a big concern for Fremantle, I have called Police myself for several issues in the CBD.
          There is a local police team for each suburb in Fremantle I have left the site you can find the mobile numbers attached here, this will allow you to speak to officers who have been tasked to deal with particular suburbs in and around Fremantle. Perhaps they can help? You can call these mobile numbers office hours for follow up.
          Of course emergencies should be either 000 or 131 444 as appropriate

          When I had a business in Spearwood I would or my partner would drop off staff after work especially at late evening, due to the amount of incidents they had traveling back into Freo on PT.

          • Julia says:

            Hi Mark, the 14 year old girl assaulted on the bus was not my daughter. I have also contacted police in regards to issues in and around Fremantle. Thanks for the police link/info above. Will definitely come in handy. Keep up the great work, Fremantle definitely needs a lot more people like you who have local residents and Fremantle’s survival and future at heart. You Mark, are definitely “fighting for Fremantle” – part 2 to be continued……

          • Mark says:

            Thanks for the clarification, I missed the if.

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