Repost; Fremantle Council, on the nose over Dunnys

I thought it was time to re-post this article from earlier in the year, after listening to some of the debate at the Special Projects Committee last night.

The conversation was in the “Update on the Fremantle Activity Centre Structure Plan”. I was quite surprised and thought I had heard wrong, when Councillor Fittock describe how good and clean Fremantle public toilets are, while referencing his trip to the UK and the poor state he found the local ablutions in a town he had visited to be.

While I have no idea how these toilets where in the UK he referenced to then think the state of toilets in Fremantle are in good condition is quite laughable.

I have often heard  comments in Freo that people really miss Myers as at least there you had toilets that are functioning, clean and safe.

In the last 5 years have seen less public toilets in Fremantle with the closure of Myers and Point St car-parks.

Its still a nightmare for parents who need to change or tend to babies and infants needs. Considering the volume of people attending the Round House, Arthur’s Head a major tourist area the facilities there are woeful.

Council really needs to get a grasp on reality for issues like this?

Fremantle Council, on the nose over Dunnys

07-8news-1 herald dunny pic

I see in the Chambers Newsletter they have an article or info piece on toilets from the COF and a link to a survey.

So it seems while the City of Fremantle has what you think would a responsibility in managing the city to supply such amenities as basic as public toilets?

In the survey they are trying to gauge the response from business owners/operators to open up their own toilets for public use?

For a city that has some of WA, major tourist attractions this is pretty P1ss weak to say the least. You think if you paid rates as a business that these would be basic services a city would provide in at least the CBD?

Back in December 2104 ‘From the Chambers” (gives a new meaning right), the report identified the need I quote to “Provide for high quality public amenities (toilets etc.) that can be integrated with other activity to provide surveillance.

Below are a list of recent toilet comments, petitions, complaints, workshops etc., showing this issue and its neglect by the COF

  • ” June 2104 feedback from the leisure centre shows a need for maintaining toilets cleanliness
  • Arthur head placemaking brought up toilets as in issue in 2013?
  • Article in the gazette, “Public toilet facilities raise a stink
  • Article in the herald,  “BEACH LOO BLUE
  • Article in the herald  “COUNCIL TAKES 4 DAYS TO CLEAR LEIGHTON LOO”
  • Bill Massie has raised the issues of Toilets in the CBD, High St Mall, not being enough, easy to find or being closed, he was scoffed at by fellow Councillors for raising the issue? Funny considering the toilet petition was in their ward?
  • Approx. 4 yrs. ago a 1000 strong petition was reportedly handed to council to fix toilets and upgrade south beach facilities which have been described as 3rd world, still waiting?
  • Point St Car-park toilets have been closed?
  • No proper facilities or changing rooms for parents with babies?
  • In 2011 the International placemaker/vagabond David Engwicht, mentioned the message toilets sent in Kings Sq, about how they looked, I wonder what message it sends when you can’t find any, perhaps it send a message don’t stay to long or we don’t care?
  • They built a skate park for kids to use no toilet facilities, so where do u think the kids go, u guessed it right in the park.
  • Council plan is to give the toilet problem to the local businesses and all the associated problems with it, side note saw a great you tube from CC on this sort of idea last year, its classic?
  • Council made a local business trying to install a toilet, life as hard as possible to do?

Would health inspectors allow businesses to run with toilets in the condition the city maintains theirs?

Is this how the COF, activates Fremantle?

What does the city have against toilets is the same as their anti-car campaign, maybe it’s because they use water, is this a new water saving initiative by council, we divest in toilets to save waste??

When a developer needs 3 million $$$ investment to drive their business model no problems, when it comes to years of complaints from ratepayers, residents, visitors, for basic amenity is there any action? Who what us please, no press time there?

We, wonder why people are drawn to big shopping centres, a few hints, cleanliness,  safety, little anti-social behaviour, clean safe toilets, parent comfort rooms, no over flowing bins, open shops, oh and plenty of car-parking, perhaps a few pluses in their favour?

It’s the basic’s, always the same, having toilets, maintaining the ones they have, emptying rubbish bins, not photo opportunities I know, but basic to the successful activation of our city, not to mention this is a basic service the aforementioned pay you to do, or not??

The stench of urine, is not a plus in the grunge appeal?

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  1. A good platform to run on at the looming election.

    What happened to the MANY6160 toilets? Don’t the popup businesses use the toilets in there and who’s responsibility is to have them cleaned?

    People demand basic services and the delivery of that in a timely and efficient manner. One wonders what Fittocks toilet at home is like when he is trying to foister and pass on substandard amenities as gold standard.

  2. Jayne says:

    Where do visitors go to the toilet in Fremantle? If it’s near a tavern or big music event, then it would be in residents’ driveways, courtyards, on their buildings and in the vegetation. So what can we look forward to in Freo? Turning the J Shed at Arthur Head and Bathers Beach into an all night tavern and concert venue. Expect a stream of toilet waste between there and wherever the patrons have parked (because of course, it’s another big business that doesn’t have to provide any onsite parking).

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hilarious. Cr. Fittock is really plumbing the depths with – European places of interest ie Toilet Talk.

    One of the classic toilet areas in Fremantle is The Whalers Tunnel.
    Partake in West Australian history whilst you are partaking….
    If the gates are locked just drop your daks beside the cliff face or Roundhouse as you contemplate the early arrivals, landing on Bathers Beach.

    Better still what about a squat under the Rottnest Teatree Shrubbery.

    Heaven knows how these current toilet facilities will cope when there is a 1500 person booze barn installed.

    • Julian says:

      Dearest Little Jayne & Suzanne,

      What possible reason could you have to complain about the noise and urine soon to be emanating from J Shed and Bathers Beach?

      Nitrogenous fertilizer soaked urine sand encourages bacterial and hence vegetative Life and atmosphere. Shamefully, the sand now is too nude for anything to grow.

      I am sure that Council will insist on huge soundproofing of the roof and walls, triple glazed windows, doors that cannot be left open plus urinals every 10 paces for the spontaneous dispossession of the select diuretic Bavarian & Belgian beers.

      This bling arcane beer hall innovation will allow a beer-led renaissance for Fremantle similar to the wonderful Gin Palaces of London during Victorian frolicking times. Each night in Fremantle will really Hop-a-long.

      Young men with sufficient beer enter a phase of loving all humanity by “shouting it from the rooftops” as it were and wonderfully will be. Late serving of copious beer should allow this level of primitive acoustic transcendental messaging reaching out to the community sleeping not. Yes, your dormitory will be just like that great musical with Topaz “Piddler on the Roof”.

      The encouragement by your City Elders of residents with higher and higher rates is predicated upon older folk moving into the city; those folk with impaired hearing, prostatic interruptions and incontinence devices themselves. Thus they will hear nothing and smell nothing new.
      Our Wise Tribal Leaders will chaperon you and the other insomniacs to Heaven sooner than you think.

      • Freddie says:

        If councils actions attract people with Julian’s intellect and lack of community spirit, its not hard to see why Fremantle has sunk to the levels it’s at, perhaps its lowest ever.
        Its mentality like this, that sees the anti-social behavior flourish in Fremantle, leaving it with the image it has.
        Maybe he likes waking up to the stench of urine

  4. Redirect the general public into the council offices that the councillors and staff at the CoF use, or visa versa, and see how quickly the standards of the public facilities improve.

    Fittock is a classic case of do as I so, not as I do leadership.

  5. Glen Tunbridge says:

    There has to be an element of elitist arrogance amid the council for this to go and on being continually challenged by the public. We know there is a toilet facility shortage in Fremantle , everyone knows , the council knows ,the mayors knows.
    express your opinion and attend the next council public meeting and give them a blast , they deserve it.

  6. Martin says:

    South Beach dunnies were so disgusting this weekend that I just couldn’t let my kids use it. A tip – Parmelia Park facilities are not more than 1km away, and clean because not many people use them. It was a convoluted route for a bike ride for 6 & 7 year olds, but at least we did get to explore Freo in an unplanned way. On the hunt for a clean dunny…

    The facilities on Esplanade Park opposite the Esplanade Hotel are always rancid, the ones at the Council Chambers are a no-go zone, and the facilities under the Queens gate car park should always be entered at your own risk.

    The worst facilities I have ever seen were at a dodgy bus station in a remote village in Egypt. They were truly remarkable! I never thought I would see the day that I would start equating the facilities in Freo as being in the same ball park, but now I can. This is not meant to be a challenge to the CoF, as the divide between Freo and that bus station are still substantial, but we are supposed to be a tourist town. Our public toilets are a huge embarrassment. Surely this cannot be a difficult issue for our Council to address? You don’t need to replace them – Just clean them more regularly!!!

     Also down at our beach parks – what is the issue with the prickle grass this year?  It’s totally out of control. I have never seen it anything like this in the past 15 years! Usually it is sprayed and kept in control. In some areas there is more prickle grass than grass!

    Summer is going to be a nightmare for walking barefoot on the grass at Sth Freo beach parks, never mind the impact on dogs. It was bad enough for dogs when it was being kept under control. What is going on?

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