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Source: ‘Temporary’ booze bid anger | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great Thinking Allowed piece by Richard Mehan from Fremantle on the J-shed development

Richard brings to light the lack of representation local residents and rate payers in reality have from elected members.

The council lack of respect for heritage sites in Fremantle and a whole raft of issues they just tossed aside to drive the latest booze barn idea.

Richard brings to the front many good points on the inappropriate size and nature of this development.

Whats perfect is the notice calling for Nominations for the upcoming local government elections in October, the piece is a perfect lead into a such an ad.

So have a read of Richards piece it shows the lack of concern the council has for our local heritage, rate payers/residents, tourism, the local business, residences, etc.

Not to mention this development goes in exact contradiction to the councils own alcohol policy.

What effect will this have on the other business in the area, the operation of the tourist sites, etc.

The area has no parking and will quickly fill local parking  bays impacting on all local businesses and residences.

Across the road is a TAFE what impact will this venue have on their operations, is it really appropriate to have a such a large licensed venue so close to a place of education, I wonder how many under 18’s are attending this college?

The issues go on and on, its simply in the wrong location.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    A series of potentially unrelated facts:

    The register of donations for the last mayoral election shows that Brad Pettitt’s largest donor ($5000) was Rowan Chitty.

    David Chitty is the Managing Director of Sunset Events

    Sunset Events were granted the lease and will operate the J-shed development

    Brad Pettitt was a large supporter of the proposed J-shed development

    The last mayoral election was run in October 2013

    The voting for granting the J-shed lease to Sunset events was in February 2014.

    I’m unsure if or how these all link together but someone else may be able to figure it out.

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