Updated images for City of Fremantle civic, library and admin building | City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt’s Blog

Updated images for City of Fremantle civic, library and admin building | City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt’s Blog.

Amazing timing when there are real questions on the Kings Sq project being asked, involving an approx. $30,000,000.00 questioned difference in the outcome for the financials. The mayor has conveniently received some great drawing of how the place will look.

Then he questions why people ask, why the spin, here is an example. The best way to stop the questions of the business plan is just answer the questions, right?

Instead we get some more impressions of how the place will look, PR instead of facts. A quick distraction won’t it look great, what an asset, what a drawcard, future, activating etc. The real issue is those pictures and PR aren’t being questioned, it’s the financials to justify the project, some quotes from (Roels Freoview)* on line from the people of Fremantle

“Brad, if you really have ‘nothing to hide’ as you state, please make public to ratepayers the detailed spreadsheet that shows the 20 year forecast cash flows which the NPV and IRR are calculated. If you did the speculation about both the financial valuation methodology and assumptions utilised would cease.”

Brad, Just spin up till now then all of a sudden you propose “maybe” a trickle can be revieled/released, except some aspects? I think Dianas` proposal is sound. “We” as residents and ratepayers are paying for external lawyers to “view them ” just to decide if they “should be released to us” or held in secret. Really? We (FCC)should invite/pay the Auditor General to “view them” also and let him decide not only if they should be released to us, but expose the whole deal for what it is “in detail” to us. Just the thought of that may be enough for the City to produce some form of “Spreadsheet”.

“Brad, sounds like you’ve started to hide behind lawyers and caveats already. Your earlier ‘nothing to hide’ statement means pretty much nothing. What timeframe are you intending to ‘see what we can release’?”

“Martin’s questions are straight forward and need to be answered directly. There is no absolutely need for all this verbiage and obfuscation.
The fact that so much time and space has been taken up with distracting rhetoric and spin by Council has to now also be questioned. This is public money,and there is no defence or argument at all for not providing answers to these non provocative questions.
For elected public officers who have a fiduciary duty and accountability to their rate payers, to continue to prevaricate and avoid answering a simple response to questions as to how a financial conclusion in a public Business Plan has been reached, has to be questioned by those who provide the money, and clearly, now the actual avoidance by those elected to responsibly handle those public monies, to substantiate how the Business Plan has been formulated, must now be in the spotlight and scrutinised by the State Government, who is responsible for the functioning of Local Government.
The Mayor, as the manager, must provide the answers and be transparent. It is not his decision not to.
This has be an ongoing concern for 6 months.
The Minister must step in now and ask Council why it will not answer to its rate payers and be transparent, accountable and responsible. What is going on?Enough!!!! Just do it!!”

“The real question that needs to be asked ( and answered ), is whether one would trust the abilities of the Mayor and Council, when dealing with such large sums of ratepayers money. Any question of the CoF acquiring debt to fund this project has to be subject to further independent scrutiny.”

“This whole deal will just be one surprise after another.
Its clear this is a council we have to watch every step of the way
they seem to be only interested in their own agenda, looks like the rate payer will just get screwed
how did we end with such a crap council
thank god we have people in our city who r watching what these guys are up too
is this the worse council ever”


There’s plenty more questions being raised out there, a simple rubber stamp from the Minister for LG that the COF has a business plan will not wash, it seems people want real answers, not glossy magazines, pretty picture, hollow promises, not more spin or misdirection.

Just answer the questions. They are not going away and will continue until the ratepayer and residents of Fremantle have real answers.



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  1. Roel Loopers says:

    I would appreciate Mark that when you use comments published on my blog you acknowledge that you have lifted them from there. I know you are in Council election mode, but credit deserves to be giving to my blog.


    • Mark says:

      Roel i did i have put a link on the page if u click on the on or the online underlined words on the page above the quotes it take u too your article where the quotes came from, in future i will make it much bolder. As any time i have quoted from something i have endeavoured to make a link back to the source, i have found one or two that did not work correctly and have always rectified any i have been alerted too the issue.
      Roel election mode is not relevant whats importance is the transparency of the council who are suppose to represent us?

      • Paul says:

        It isn’t just transparency of the incumbent. It is too easy to criticise them as they are out their making decisions. What we also need is candidates being transparent about how they would tackle the same issues. We have yet to see much, in any of that, here.


        • Mark says:

          Classic you want to hold the residents to a higher standard than the council.
          Its only about their transparency they are the ones with job in hand/responsibility/accountability etc.
          The rest of your statement is something i would expect from council its just spin a distraction to the real issue which is they will not answer residents questions, its quite simple.
          If you read my comments earlier to a question you raised you will see a whole list of things i would do to for transparency, you just seem to not want to hear it
          The old saying stays, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

  2. Has the election been called?

    I wasn’t aware of it.

    I note that Paul has been asking residents and ratepayers, non councillors, who voice their democratic rights, to otherwise justify their positions despite it being quite clearly stated.

    The current council and mayor are paid servants of the people of the city of Fremantle and have a legal requirement under the act, as public servants, to conduct themselves in an oppropriate manner despite the fact many of them don’t.

    If you feel that their financial management is correct and concise, fine. I however, do not agree.

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