WA budget set for worst debt blowout in 20 years | afr.com Kings Square Impact

Western Australia’s debt-to-revenue ratio will likely surpass 70 per cent when the state government releases its 2015-16 budget on Thursday, May 14, the Australian Financial Review has found.

Source: WA budget set for worst debt blowout in 20 years | afr.com

In this new budget we would expect to get a very good indication of whether the State government has any plans to move the DoH to Fremantle.

As this office of a 1000 plus people would have some significant costs impacts detailed in their budget somewhere with the cost of a new lease, relocating all the staff offices, new office equipment etc. Not to mention what is happening with their old office building which i believes is in a state owned property. Unless they are intending to sell or renovate that property its difficult to see why they would move?

If the department has not budgeted for such a move its hard to see in the current financial situation that they would just be moved?

So we heard from the Mayor Brad Pettitt some time ago and another announcement will be given shortly on when the DOH will be coming to Freo. Yet again that deadline came and went and again we have heard nothing from our Mayor. “Next month”, we have been hearing for literally years.

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  1. Roger Garwood says:

    I think Fremantle’s sitting on the edge of a cliff and the cliff is eroding rapidly. I do hope I’m wrong because if Serona fail, which could happen, Fremantle and it’s council are going to look very silly indeed. It may be time to push for a ministerial enquiry into the amount of influence exerted by developers etc on the council. We have had repeated reassurances but so far they have simply turned to smoke. It is reasonable to say “Enough is enough”. It reminds me of the peacock who was flashing his feathers at a peahen. She said “Cut the crap and show us your d@#$”.

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