Roel its great to see someone taking an active interest in our city and especially in a sensitive area like our heritage spaces.

If you remember back to last weeks Herald where the where the Mayor Brad and CEO Graeme sign off on an add in the Herald on pg2. of the 14 of Feb 2105 edition.

Where they stated,

Myth 3: Care for public spaces will deteriorate

Our commitment was always to fully maintain all public spaces. We would continue to mow, prune, sweep and water at least to the same standard as you are currently used to. This goes for all the potential new suburbs. To say otherwise has no basis of fact whatsoever
 This not even a week after their propaganda piece, if you took a walk around Freo it wouldn’t be hard to come up with dozens of examples like this, you could just start at the Town Hall? Where I believe its not even safe to raise a flag on the Town Hall flag polls due to the poor condition of parts of the roof?

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  1. They are obviously carefully choosing their words in relation to public spaces such as ovals and streets. Mow, Prune and sweep. This is the limit of what they currently do in Fremantle. They do sweep the streets, occasionally. They do not clean the footpaths. They do mow the ovals and prune the street trees (once a year, maybe).

    Watering? Hmm, cant say I’ve seen the watering truck around a lot this summer. Doesn’t wash with the sustainable council despite the need to water the water-wise street trees.

    If they do more in East Fremantle, I doubt that Fremantle after taking over East Fremantle would do the same. They would invariably introduce new policy to maintain East Fremantle to the same standard as they are doing in Fremantle. Hence the remarks from the people who ran the advertisement.

    This propaganda from the Mayor was done “after” the ‘no’ vote, so realistically, they say whatever they want as the ‘no’ campaign aren’t going to rebut the City of Fremantle who are using ratepayers money to fund their political objectives.

    The Page 2 from the Mayor and CEO was propaganda to stave off any ill-will towards the City of Fremantle by its own citizens, not East Fremantle. They need to do this as they achieve such a low popularity with their ratepayers. East Fremantle is well aware of what Fremantle is like and doesn’t want anything to do with it. The statements made in the advertising hurt the ego’s of the Mayor and the CEO more than anything else.

    Funny how they didn’t address the begging, graffiti, rates increases, plastic bag, anti-business policies in their “ratepayer funded advertising campaign”.

    What I would like to see, is the $1.4 million breakdown of costs for the so-called amalgamation process. I’m wondering how much was funneled to the “yes” campaign by the Mayor, his deputy and the councilors. There was certainly significant advertising, City promotion, etc.

    Good on the Premier for not paying anything back. They have only got themselves to blame.

    • Mark says:

      I know over this summer i have been bucketing rain water from my rain water tanks for new street trees in front of our block as some days they looked pretty shabby. There is a water tanker from the city driving around i’m yet to see it watering but you can hear it coming miles out, i have heard quieter leopard tanks, i guess the council cash pile isn’t for maintenance of city vehicles?

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