What a Crock

My god what a crock, our Mayor Brad Pettitts while on his rate payer funded junket is singing the praises of a suburb in Freiburg  on their 30% green area or perhaps called open public space. Where he runs down Perth for only having a 10% requirement.

Would this be the same Mayor who drove the Kim Beazley higher density while not even applying the Perth’s petty 10%  open public space for the new development, allowing existing public space to be used to fill the requirement.

Could this be the same Mayor who drove the issue for R160 for Burt St with no requirements for open public space to be included in the new development. With councillors pointing out as the issue was raised well we do have nearby school sporting fields.

I know as I have asked these questions myself in various public forums about the lack of council requirements for additional public space in new developments.

Would this be the same mayor speaking of European green space who has actively made Fremantle’s green spaces worse with concreting over parkland with more concrete in the pipeline. The mayor who received the rating in having the city with second worse hard surface covering in Australia and its getting worse if you see the plans for South Beach and worse the Master plan which will see more hard surfaces added to the Esplanade. Even a proposed road.

The Mayor who approved a plan which led to the  cutting down of over 100+ mature trees on the Kim Beazley site going against the wishes of over 170 written submissions not to approve this destruction of a suburbs tree canopy?

So now we should be in awe because Brad flies to europe at our expense to tell us something his community has been telling him for years, but now the Germans are going it, its all cool right?

What a crock.

Even worse we see across  the suburbs in  Perth an additional 600ha of ovals and sporting fields to allow for increase in the population density, I wonder where in the world we had to fly to find that was a good idea. Well that’s not the worse part that’s all good, the bad part is it seems for Fremantle’s increase in population density we are getting bugger all of that additional lovely open green public space, sporting fields or ovals?


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  1. Freddie Bau says:

    FR you make some good points, seems you have called out their double standards in several of your articles
    Nice one

  2. Jayne says:

    And let me remind you of the Council’s desire to build apartments and concrete structures on our Pioneer Park. And then there is this post by the Mayor telling us we have enough parks and open spaces and they aren’t used anyway. Note how some of these are basically verges, the careful cropping (to remove people?) and also Brad says he took the photos during one lunchtime – yet the shadows in Pioneer Park prove otherwise…


    • Mark says:

      Well said Jayne, its clear ideology has taken over from their basic duties of councillors to represent the views of the wider public.
      Fremantle has its shocking record for hard surface covering as we saw in the 202020 report and their plans are only to make it worse.
      Areas like Hilton have been ignored for park space and easy access for childrens play areas.
      Its clear its density at any cost.

  3. Benjamin says:

    This cannot be allowed to go on. Just remember that we are talking about resident’s money here. The money comes from you and me. The longer this is allowed to happen, the more inevitable rate rises are and the more necessary the sale of City of Fremantle assets becomes.

    I think the lesson here is that mass change is needed in Fremantle council. 6 councillors are up for re-election this year. That is 6 new councillors that should be elected.

    • Joe says:

      How are these upcoming council elections going to be run? I’m sure it’s going to be all above aboard. Would be great if the Attorney General or similar agency oversaw all future elections.

      • Mark says:

        good question, but it will be run as regular local elections are run i assume , the AG may be over kill but it would be great to see the AG have direct oversight for LG.

        • joe says:

          “Over kill” – totally intended. You have peoples potential political careers possibly at stake and agendas to be met.

  4. Des Earle says:

    Nice post!
    You need to mention that people need to look and what he does in comparison to what he says.
    As you have demonstrated here it looks like his actions don’t meet his monologue.
    Fremantle has really slide down hill in the last 10 yrs.
    Where will it stop?
    The letters you read in the herald say it more and more each week.
    This week another one saying its time for him to go!
    Can Fremantle survive another 2 yrs of his deft touch?

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