Common Sense Hits Freo Council like a Bolt of Lightning


Tonight at SGS Common Sense came in like a lightning bolt from Dave Hume.

Maybe it was because Dave was sitting in Bill Massie’s chair, maybe as he stated he had listened to concerns of rate payers and residents.

The issue was investment in High St Mall upgrades councils calls it a Revitalisation Strategy, anyway back to Dave bolt of common sense. he question not the upgrade its self but the idea of the timing of doing it, which is intended to attracted better retailers, shoppers etc, etc, without addressing 1st, the underlying problems/reputation Freo has for anti-social behaviour.

Dave argued that these issues are part of the core of Fremantle woes in attracting back retailers and shoppers, possible new businesses and their customers as well.

As Dave started his comment on cleaning up Fremantle, fixing the begging issues, homeless, drunks, druggies, anti-social behaviour, graffiti is part of it too, a stunned look appeared on a few councillors faces, I think surprise that he would dare bring these issues up. Imagine a councillor raising real community concerns, how dare he???

common sense

Strangely over the last year Freo was reported to welcomed street begging, that Perth was driving out, then they later start restrictions on them just before Christmas, so first they make the problem, then try to sort it out??? Bit like the graffiti issue as reported by police many taggers claimed that Freo Mayor  is pro graffiti so its ok here????

Dave well done, good to see a voice of the community being represented in the council.

Strangely no mention of issues like public facilities were listed, thought I have heard Bill Massie, promoting public Toilets and parent areas for infants in the mall.

Further to Dave bolt he questioned approving funds where there was no specific costing done on any areas or even discussion on what the money would be spent on. Cr Pemberton asked the committee to commit the funds for the area, but asked the wording to be change for item one in the officer’s recommendation, to allow more general use of the funds not necessarily limited to the actual list presented at council. Another presented the window of opportunity was small and action was needed quick, personally i think they should check the window is open before they dive on in marking more work to be undone.

So all in all good common sense points from Dave on that, sadly it was lost 4/2 with SGS passing the motion.

High St Mall does need revitalisation, then again so does most of Freo, let’s hope our funds are invested wisely and council takes on the issues raised by Dave and Bill.

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  1. Jayne says:

    Common sense isn’t common and freedom of speech is bound in rules. George Orwell’s ‘1984’ – was it fiction or prophesy? Before discounting my comment, have a quick read on wiki about the book. You might be surprised. After all, how many people reading this are too scared to acknowledge and comment publicly on the issues we face in Freo and in Australia? Are you free to use the term Indigenous (remember how it used to be Aborigine – that’s Newspeak), Public Housing (or is it now Affordable Housing?), Asian (for some reason mentioning race is now racist), Muslim (mention this religion and for some reason you are racist), refugees (I don’t even know what’s right anymore). If you don’t employ enough women (you misogynist!) and dare to even question the funding of the ABC, anything multicultural, anything youth related, welfare related, climate related… Well don’t, that’s a Thoughtcrime and you’ll be labelled a something -ist or -phobic.

    Which is why Mark I congratulate you on your blog. It’s brave and no doubt your independent thinking, questioning and discussion will invite the attention of the Thought police. I wish you courage and good luck! Remember I will be standing right behind you – hiding – in case I’m attacked for using critical-thinking skills…

    • Julia says:

      That Is why this council must be voted from destroying Fremantle any further. This would have to be the most undemocratic bunch of councillors the residents of Fremantle have ever had to endure. The good news is we have pens and voting cards to fight back with – Je Suis Fremantle! The downside is there is a real possibility the upcoming elections could be run in the same manner as the last. How far low has Fremantle fallen when people are afraid to voice their opinions, question decisions by others and generally be afraid to have a voice? How sad, how very, very sad. Is this a part of Australia I’m talking about? I truly am appalled at the dark and spiteful direction Fremantle is taking politically under this current regime. Mark you have a lot of supporters and we love the refreshing and truthful blog of the goings on around Fremantle. On a final note, I’ve enjoyed a very relaxing and lovely day but unfortunately on my return to Fremantle what do I encounter? some spaced out drunk, half dressed bloke standing in the middle of the road at the traffic lights, in front of Toyworld. Good first impression of Fremantle.

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