Fremantle Council Addicted to Booze

How can a council with a policy such as their own SG50 be so driven to push thru clearly destructive booze outlets as the one planned at Jshed, people should read this agenda and decide from them selves about the actions of council.

For me reading it, they come across as an addict who will do and say anything to get their next fix. Its booze booze and more booze and no matter what anyone says they will seek some way  to justify there addiction, to explain the need for it, any cost is not to much in their need to for fill that urge.

Reading the agenda is quite sad, it does not matter what impact it has on local business, driving out existing operations, no need for parking, concrete over the last remaining bits of greenery to ensure access to their fix. Adding anti-social behaviour is not an issue to be considered as its not relevant? Reading this document it comes across as a desperate  drive by an organization to find any reason to justify a drive for councillors need to approve more huge booze barns not the small bars their own policy calls for.

This going ahead just shows councillors clear disregard for rate payers concerns and puts to bed the idea that councillors has any interest in representing rate payers, unless of course its in their own interest 1st.

Anyone looking for reasons why anti-social behaviour is such an issue in Fremantle, our councillors decisions led by our Mayor should be your 1st port of call.



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  1. HELP says:

    Just wondering if anyone can help who to vote for in the East Ward? Which candidate is going to represent the ratepayers instead of their own political agendas? Never heard of 2 candidates. This is info for a new family to the area who weren’t interested in the last elections as they believed “it’s only council elections, they’re all the same and it doesn’t matter anyway”. Well, after experiencing Fremantle and it’s Council, they are now desperate to have their say on who is going to represent them as ratepayers and not treat them as a cash cow. They are extremely hard working people who come from a non English speaking background,who have worked damn hard to build a life for their family. Hope someone can help.

    • Mark says:

      I would suggest calling each candidate ans speaking to them
      If you dont like freo council current direction then dont vote for any serving councillors as they pretty much vote on block to the mayors wishes anyway.

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