Fremantle Council Crash and Burn on Plastic Bags Again

1st of all should we be using plastic bags that the council is trying to ban, probably not.

Yet again the councils mind set that they are the ones to make laws on what are really stage or federal  issues shows the pig headed stupidity of our councillors.

I wrote several blogs on this issue some time back they speak of the missed opportunity  our council has chosen, their lack of vision,  the stupidity of the plan and the complete lack of a grasp of reality thinking that banning businesses in fremantle from using plastic bags, would actually achieve any real outcome. Its another cheap tacky feel good move from council, with lots of $ spent (wasted) with nothing achieved apart from our Mayor getting his face in print or on TV, no problems right the rate payer is paying.

Who the hell is council to say who and who doesnt get punished by their bag ban, leaving many business in Freo even worse off than they where before under freo councils business killing ideas.

What’s happened to Fremantle Councils Missed Opportunity with Plastic Bags

The Fremantle council is brilliant at throwing rate payers money away at these failing ideas. One is a carbon free school project nothing to do with rate w/payers money. The endless money pit called, one planet or its failed solar dump. One thing that is sure they are fancy and free with our money, while real results are few and far between.

Its amazing main stream media doesn’t pay more attention to the cash burning projects our councils get up too.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Its little uninformed dorks wishing they could play with the big kids.
    The big kids think it’s laughable.
    Meanwhile the ratepayers foot the bill for the next
    ‘I need to be noticed’ silly idea.

    Here’s a solution.
    Those who hate plastc take their own shopping bag. That’s what I do.
    Pretty simple really.

    • Mark says:

      It just shows the councils level of lack of community real connection.
      The council say its what the Fremantle community wants and its what business wants.
      If that was the case then the community would be using single use plastic bags and business wouldn’t supply them
      So there would be no reason to get the law put in place in the 1st place.
      As no business would have them and no customers want them.
      The fact that business use them, customers take them, shows our council is just talking crap yet again.

    • Benjamin says:

      The other problem with them intruding on people’s lives like this is that there is no natural line in the sand for where this behaviour stops. It becomes a precedent for all other future local laws for “our own good”.

      What is the difference between the plastic bag laws and:
      – banning all cars from Fremantle streets
      – Compulsory solar panels or wind turbines at every home
      – forced vegetarianism
      – bashing down trees and building high rise towers for greater population density (ooops. They’re doing that already)

      The overstep here is huge and these 12 small time politicians forcing us to save the environment their way rather than in line with thr greater Australian and International community.

      It is worth remembering that the Western Australian Local Givernment Association defines Local Government roles and responsibilities as follows. I don’t see any mention of regulating retailers, nor saving the world:
      The work of Local Government is varied, but it touches almost all areas of our day to day life as citizens – whether we live in cities, towns or country areas.
      The roles and responsibilities of Local Government differs from state to state, but generally include:
      – infrastructure and property services, including local roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, waste collection and management
      – provision of recreation facilities, such as parks, sports fields and stadiums, golf courses, swimming pools, sport centres, halls, camping grounds and caravan parks
      – health services such as water and food inspection, immunisation services, toilet facilities, noise control and meat inspection and animal control
      – community services, such as child care, aged care and accommodation, community care and welfare services
      – building services, including inspections, licensing, certification and enforcement
      – planning and development approval
      – administration of facilities, such as airports and aerodromes, ports and marinas, cemeteries, parking facilites and street parking;
      – cultural facilities and services, such as libraries, art galleries and museums
      – water and sewerage services in some states
      – other services, such as abattoirs, sale-yards and group purchasing

      • Mark says:

        To be sure the Fro council bag ban is just the tip of the iceberg.
        The political groups our Mayor is aligned with, have little change of ever becoming a majority government in their own right so they target groups little councils to infiltrate, they only need 15-20 % of the available vote.
        So its much easier to pass through their personal ideology at this lower support base where voting is not mandatory.
        hence using rate payers funds to drive their own little world.

        • Benjamin says:

          What I’m missing is this piece of information – are they allowed to? Are they breaking the law and who can stop them?

          • Mark says:

            Well they are entitled to try the 1st time I believe it was ruled as an not correct the way it was drafted.
            The second time the state government as they are entitled to do reject the proposal.
            Nothing illegal just a waste of our rates money.
            The real point is banning plastic bags will only hurt business it will achieve actually nothing for the problem as a whole.
            Just a green council ticking a a green box to keep the few voters they have happy. Making some noise that will achieve nothing

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