Damning report for freight link – The West Australian, Seriously?


Source: Damning report for freight link – The West Australian

I guess this guy must have read a different report to what I saw, as it was summarised quite clearly.

As I put in my blog last night when it came out. For sure they didn’t say it’s perfect but its has net economical benefits, does the job it claims to do and has been placed on the Infrastructure Priority List at Threshold.

Anyway read the report from link in blue and decide for yourself.

Perth Freight Link Gets Infrastructure Australia tick of approval

2014-2015 Assessment Brief

Overall Assessment

Infrastructure Australia considers that the proponent has provided good evidence that access to port gateways in Perth is a nationally significant problem. In addition, Infrastructure Australia has a high level of confidence that the proposed solution will deliver net economic benefits.

Infrastructure Australia Priority List

Decision Infrastructure Australia assesses the project be included on the Infrastructure Priority List at Threshold.


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