East Fremantle Poll, One Day To Go

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So only a day and bit to go till the votes are counted,,,, well maybe?

It will be interesting to see if any factions question whats constitutes a valid ballot even to the extent of its counted or not to make up the 50%

Town of East Fremantle Plympton Ward  597 50.13%

Town of East Fremantle Preston Point Ward  720 54.84%

Town of East Fremantle Richmond Ward 639 47.51%

Town of East Fremantle Woodside Ward  722 54.33%

Town of East Fremantle Total 2678  51.7%

89 ballots over the 50% and still counting


City of Kwinana  9,436 51.82%

Cockburn I think will not gain enough votes to make their ballot count, same for Vic Park.

South Perth will take it to the wire needing another 147 ballots to hit 50% will it be enough though allowing for non compliment ballots. Still a massive showing from South Perth with almost 13500 votes return so far.

Perhaps this amalgamation shambles may have a silver lining with the state government stimulating interest in local government, I’m sure that will make a few nervous knowing that its resident and voters may be taking more of an interest in what goes on, as before they could happily trundle along with their own personal agendas and ideology.

What I find amazing is the comments over the last few months how great it was Freo was not taken over by Melville or what ever but when East Freo stands up and asks for the their independence, their arguments are all lies and conspiracies, hypocrisy is alive and well in Fremantle.

At some point I’m sure the cities will merge in one fashion or another, we just need  leadership capable of bring the people together not dividing them. As if this amalgamation fails it will be a judgement of the ones who proposed its borders and how many $10,000 wasted on that?

Go democracy!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. It’s interesting that the Richmond ward has the lowest turnout so far. I would have thought they would prefer to go to Melville. Maybe there’s still a few people who remember Melville’s investment debacle a few years ago.

    There’s been a terrific campaign from the East Fremantle people to get the votes. As you have previously reported not even a local election generated this much enthusiasm for voting.

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