East Freo Damning Indictment of Fremantle?


Over the last couple of weeks a group of East Freo residents have run an advertising campaign to encourage their eligible electors to come out and vote in the poll deciding the amalgamation of East Freo and Fremantle City Councils.

The adds they have had raised some good questions/issues, I’m sure there will be many different opinions on whats right wrong and somewhere in between lies the truth.

Clearly there is a strong feeling one way or the other in East Freo with the strong voter turn out.

Already with just on a week to go 42.93% of votes have been returned, only needing about 366 more to come in over the week to make the poll count.

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If the vote turns out to be against amalgamation, and it looks like that’s where the Kwinana poll one is going too, what will Freos future be? I have asked this question at the reform dlg office I did not really get a clear response as they seemed unsure of what would actually happen if both amalgamations failed the poll test. Though it still seemed likely that Melville would get its chunk of Freo but not so certain if the areas of Cockburn would still be merged into Fremantle? Fremantle could end up being the same or even smaller than it is now. So the real question is what will happen to Fremantle, would the government go back to its original plan or maybe look at a Cockburn Fremantle merger, through parliament?

What ever happens, the amalgamations have raised a lot of questions about how Fremantle is run with such a strong voice coming from East Freo against joining Fremantle. Seemingly a growing list of groups/residents that are unhappy with the direction Fremantle is going, the gallery again full at last council meeting with objections to council direction. Last EF local election had just a 23.1% turn out so much is their disdain for COF that they have doubled the voter response for the poll and there is still a week to go.

Have a read of the articles or add in the Fremantle Herald over the last 3 week they have been run. 24/1/2105  pages 6&7.20150123_162906




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  1. Julia says:

    The weird grunge loving councillors of Fremantle need not be shocked with the East Fremantle resident turn-out so far, as the residents I have spoken to, and yes, shock horror Fremantle council, I’m talking about young residents who are absolutely opposed whole heartedly to this merger, due to what they experience and see on a regular basis. They live next door to Fremantle remember, have friends who reside across the great divide and have witnessed the sad decline of Fremantle by our current council and the way Fremantle residents have been disregarded and treated by this current bunch. They have written letters of complaints to Council over that past couple of years on issues relating to Fremantle, especially anti-social behaviour, so I’m definitely not surprised with the absolute horror, anger and then fight we are currently seeing, when a lifestyle they have built is at stake. East Fremantle residents don’t come across as grungy, weird and a dirty bunch. That is truly insulting to Fremantle and definitely an insult to those that reside in East Fremantle.

    The above heading sounds like a brilliant name for a book. I can’t wait for it to be written, will be on top of my must read list.

  2. You make some very interesting observations Mark.

    Another point to remember is that East Fremantle is the 2nd smallest local government, I believe the smallest is Peppermint Grove. There are private citizens who are funding this campaign and they are doing a great job at getting traction within the community, not only to cast their vote, but to vote in the favour of “No”.

  3. Suzanne says:

    The good citizens of East Fremantle are in fear and trepidation of the loss of democracy, as witnessed in Fremantle.
    I wish them well. At present the threat of amalgamation for them would mean to experience the dismal destruction of green areas; ugly high rise developments despite residents objections; no car parking; empty shops; limited beachside facilities,
    bar a booze barn for a heritage site. Tedious but true.

  4. freoishome says:

    I’m intrigued about the respondents to the many Anti Amalgamation blog threads at Fremantle Reform? Do you all live in EF?

    Did you all vote?

    Maybe this should be a separate thread?


    • Mark says:

      Paul this may surprise you but many freo people where not in favour of the amalgamation the way is was, just because the council spin machine portrays it that way.
      I personally though it should have been bigger getting us closer to the 100.000 mark. On the financial score freo was one of the lowest on the reform reports.
      Anyway we have to wait for the result of the poll and firstly see how many votes are declared invalid and whether invalid are allowed to make up the 50%, i think there is a few more curve balls to come yet.

      • freoishome says:

        So your contribution to the “EF No vote” had nothing to do with EF it was just an underhand way to attack the whole concept of a Fremantle amalgamation, presumably with any other surrounding authority.
        I am even more intrigued. What is your long term vision for Fremantle? I’m not including personality, particular Councillors, I mean the Authority CoF. Do you want Fremantle to disappear altogether, to be swallowed up by Cockburn or Melville?
        Do you think that with the vast majority of other Councils getting larger, that it will be beneficial for EF and presumably Fremantle to try to exist, in relative terms, as even smaller Councils? Hence even less likely to be able to fund progress?

        • Mark says:

          Paul I think the idea of Fremantle disappearing, is ridiculous, the brand, image, potential are too strong, Just from a tourist point of view, be it local, national or international, the name Freo/Fremantle is a good draw card.
          The operating port, its history, the west end, round house, the old Prison, fisherman harbour, the heritage, the cafe strip etc, etc.
          There is no way Melville or Cockburn could swallow Fremantle is not going to happen.
          Now sadly i think the council wanted a small Freo as it was best for them not Freo as a whole.
          Support for East Freo, yes i support people having the right to have a say in their own future and its direction. understand perfectly why they feared being swallowed up (as you put it) particularly by Fremantle.
          Personally i would have liked to see Freo and EF join together, voted that way n the poll some years ago.
          But if they don’t want to come , why don’t they want to come is the question, some will say a couple of adds in the paper,
          Maybe its years of watching our beautiful city decline in a shabbily shell of its former sound. Loss of business like Myers, loss of the Dockers, stalled projects, like Kings Sq, run down city assets, anti-social behaviour around the cities own council chambers is a daily occurrence, vandalism, graffiti, broken foot paths and curbs, loss of services, a council more concerned in its own ideology than, any shred of representation to its residents, its anti-car dogma.
          Ask the residents who go to meetings to raise their concerns for them to be brushed aside, ask Burt St, Malcolm st, McCabe st, Hilton trying to get a Toilet for years, Bathers beach no public facilities what so ever, the lists go on and on and on.
          A council that is happy to have an A-Class reserve fenced.
          A council that is happy to fence our parks and give them for free to private companies, to profit on and allowing the rate payers the privilege of paying for the repairs/damage these private companies do to the park. Having more concrete poured into our parks, a council that is still driving to build on more parks,they term it develop. Kim Beazley over 100+ mature cut down on one block again in the name of development, do you think Melbourne or Vancouver would allow such a thing to happen? Lucky the 202020 report was done on this before all of this happened as we may have come out the worse city for hard surface and lack of canopy not second.
          Yes I’m sure my printing update figures of the poll and a couple of adds swayed EF, of course its has nothing to do with the image COF has generated, or the actions it takes on a daily basis, please get a grip?
          The amalgamation was the best way to get rid of the current crowd who’s in, Roel is quite right there as now, if the amalgamation fails where stuck with at least 1/2 of them but i don’t believe in screwing someone else for a better outcome for myself, I’m happy they have their voice and it has some effect.
          Anyway its not over yet, i expect a few controversies over what constitutes a countable ballot to make the 50% to get counting started? I ‘m sure we see a few sly moves yet.

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