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  1. I wouldn’t go as far as saying its a crumbing process. It was a tremendous effort for the people of East Fremantle and those that made the effort and ran the campaign against amalgamating with Fremantle. It took a lot of money and effort from all those involved. You couldn’t really argue with the content of the advertisements and their criticisms of Fremantle and its council, specifically the Mayor.

    Maybe the Minster will take on board the inclination of the residents of East Fremantle and re-arrange the amalgamation of East Fremantle, Palmyra and Bicton. He should possibly look at the way that the City of Fremantle is being run. Ultimately it may go to another vote or an amalgamation with Cockburn may occur with East Fremantle, Bicton and Palmyra going to Melville. This would make more sense as Palmyra and Bicton were already part of Melville.

    Only time will tell and it will be interesting to see what does occur.

    • Mark says:

      The real question is what were EF residents, voting against the amalgamation its self or the idea of the current council of Fremantle running east freo?

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