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Looks the City of Fremantle has kicked off the 2015 Local government election with a great self promo in the Herald, great for the herald but you have to ask over months of little in the Herald from the COF all of a sudden its local election time and out comes a 3 page wrap for the Fremantle Council. Wham Front page!

When I first looked at it, I thought it was an article done by the Herald, it was not till I opened to the next page I realized it was an advertisement from the city. Amazing months of nothing and just before the local election rolls up, out comes an ad like that. Nothing surprising  about that I guess, timed nicely for the mayors letter to the paper as well. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s all a massive coincidence, right?

Mayor Brad Pettitt’s letter to the Herald claiming there is no party politics on council was a classic, does he really expect anyone who is watching what goes on to actually believe such statements. The fact that he is online saying it, in the herald saying it, just tells us that’s the perception in the community is different, otherwise why make the statement in the 1st place.

Possibly about as believable as the statement that Fremantle council does not have an anti-car image, just look at the parking space they have sold or curbed over and the Strategic Transport paper it’s all about driving cars out of Fremantle.

Who actually believes that party politics are not present on council, how many of them have run for state or federal government seats. Currently work for political parties or have worked for them in the past and or are/were members of political parties. The question is how much time and funds are diverted into policy or issues that these parties support and drive, opposed to what rate payers and residents really need. Could you find a council with more political influence, god I’d would feel sorry for that community.

Could explain why the public toilet situation is as bad as it is in Fremantle.

Just watch as we see precincts becoming active and groups like the Fremantle Network have started gearing up again, is it Spring or is there a local government election soon, but right, there’s no political group think bias at all?? Seriously?? I wonder if councillors seeking re-election will benefit off these activities, how much rate payer funds or assets are used to drive them?

Then he states again that he does not support candidates in the upcoming election, again why state what you are not doing, guess that’s a perception locals have and I wonder why?

Strange as last local election he did support candidates in the local elections and they do in general support his platforms on many issues.

Roel’s Freoview has a good article “NO PARTY POLICIES ON FREO COUNCIL PLEASE!” calling for NO Party politics in the upcoming election. Is that another who thinks that state and federal politics has too much influence at our council?

I wonder what a 3 page wrap around in the Herald would cost a candidate running in the local election, in the range of $10,000 I would think? Not a bad start for the local election, with a promo piece like that to kick things off even better when the rate payers pick up the cheque, who wouldn’t like that? Rate payers you say, well they seem to be seen but not heard?

The bottom line is if the Fremantle community are unhappy with how Fremantle is currently then they need to vote for change. Just look at that ad and they wonder why people are Cynical ?

One question to ask of new candidates is what affiliations they have to current Councillors and political parties? The answers to that could speak volumes.


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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Jeez, that IS an obvious plug from the Mayor to try to keep his preferred councillor base in place, since it doesn’t correlate with anything else of significance at this time. What are you afraid of, Brad? That other people will have different priorities? That is life as it really is, isn’t it?

    The other thing to remember is that as much as it can divide and conquer, the Barnett Govt’s overlord of development approach, ie, enabling projects to bypass councils to go to developer assessment panels has spurred councils to agree to development a lot more than they would care to admit.- and it has also spurred more investment than I think we would otherwise have seen, knowing they can bypass.

    I’ve never seen such political affiliations in a council such as Freo has, including the professional lobbyist, except maybe in Belmont (staffer of pollie, brother in law of pollie and husband of former state secretary of a party, half the council members of/connected to Labor, the other half Lib).

    Maybe somebody should produce an alternative “line” to the timeline of projects as in the paper above – the head of each member of the council with their political connections listed underneath. Has it ever been done before?

    I’ve noticed the Greens have found a new way to fund getting their members on councils using crowdfunding. Three campaigns that I know of now across the metro area.

  2. freoview says:

    The wrap around is a surprise because it tells us nothing new, Mark and all the development has already been widely publicised and promoted by the City of Fremantle.
    We will still have to wait and see though if it all will be happening as Kings Square is still in limbo and the second hotel next to Target has also not progressed as far as I am aware, but there is a feeling of renaissance and that is good.
    Party politics have nothing to do at Local Government level and we need people who can think for themselves.

    Roel Loopers

    • Mark says:

      What it is, is another waste of rate payers funds, for the benefit of councillors in the up coming election.

      • Benjamin says:

        Correct. It goes into the same bucket of wasted funds as the campaign against council amalgamation which we all paid for. A council raising rates by 5% should not have the luxury of being able to afford and ad such as this election campaign advertisement.

  3. Benjamin says:

    What I’d like to know is how many rejections the council voted on. It’s one thing to promote your ability to approve new buildings but it is another altogether to promote how you ensured a standard that the citizens of our community expect. Anyone can vote ‘yes’ so exactly what are they promoting?

    Speaking for myself, I’m appalled at the standard of approvals that I have witnessed within Fremantle in the past few years.

  4. According to the herald spread, there is $16.7 million (correct me if its $18.7 million) in completed projects, out of a total of $1.3 billion. 2 years ago, there was $1 billion in projects and the old spotlight building wasn’t being counted in that as the development ‘had just come across his desk’ according to Brad. In that time, they have delivered $8 million in projects in two years.

    I don’t doubt there is a few more project that might make it to completion in the next 5 years, but it wont be the full $1.3 billion, which is what we are being led to believe.

    Realistically though, the City hasn’t delivered or spent anything, yet they are taking the credit for other peoples work and investment, private investment, in Fremantle. The Kings Square project is a sham and has delivered a huge windfall to Sirona at the expense of the ratepayers.

    Roel Loopers is speaking as if he’s been talking with the Deputy Mayor and Mayor who have been spruiking the ‘renaissance’ for way too long. He’s obviously in love with his new set of speaking notes for this election campaign and its a business as usual case for Brad’s new puppet on council. It’s so old now, and according to the facts, hasn’t realistically delivered on its promises.

    Sorry, but you are counting your chickens before they’ve even been conceived, let alone hatched.

    One must also ask what has been achieved. Realistically, a lot of planning approvals, but not much development and even less completed development. They are also clinging to residential planning approvals in that grand total. What the?

    Mark, you are right in the fact that this is the first bit of electioneering propaganda for those incumbents and they will be matching out the speaking notes and the ‘message’ will be a rehash of what we have seen before.

    How about for all of those wanting to put your hand up and run to state what they are “going to do in the next 4 years in Fremantle if you get elected”.

    i.e. I will work to clean up the public toilets at this location, this location and this location. I think it will cost roughly this amount and we need basic public amenity for our tourists and residents and ratepayers.

    i.e. I will work to secure more funding to keep our heritage listed Town Hall in a state of repair and work to have the bell clock tower reopened so that we can once again fly flags on it and be proud of it.

    i.e. I will work to achieve a more environmental shopping bag system that encourages traders, tourists, residents and ratepayers to use

    i.e. I will work for the betterment of the residents and ratepayers of Fremantle, first and foremost at a Local Government level.

    For those trying to recycle themselves for another 4 years, come up with something new and move on from the Brad Pettitt propaganda machine.

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