Great Turnout for Fremantle Local Government Elections Nominations

Just goes to show the level of unrest, feedup, pissed off, over them, tired of the lack of representation everyone in fremantle district has with its political driven, self-interest, council.

This is the first time in 4 election cycles or 8 years Fremantle has had every seat contested.

This is the first opportunity for all wards to have a say to  who represents them in 8 years so people make the most of it.

Sadly for me I have not nominated as I had intended too, due to a sudden change in circumstances, my apologies for those who where expecting me to run. Thanks for all the emails, texts and calls I have gotten over last  8 hours.

Make the most of your vote, check out who the candidates are and what they stand for.

Check out if they are really there for the right reasons, ask who put them forward or encourage them to run ask about political parties affiliations?

There are some great candidates running get behind them and give them your vote, encourage your friends, families, neighbours to vote as well.

City Ward has a real win with an opportunity to actually vote in a councillor who lives in City Ward, with Claudia’s 20yrs of history in the city ward. Claudia’s great work on real local issues and genuine care for the really important ideals of local government, like good governance, transparency,  true representation and accountability,  Claudia would be a breath of fresh air for Fremantle council.

Me I will be giving Claudia for City Ward, my full support. As it will be great to have councillor who actually focuses on real local issues, not political party nonsense.



Tick A Box

Tick Claudia for good governance, accountability and transparency, Fremantles deserves it. Fremantle has suffured enough.

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  1. If anyone has any information on the candidates that haven’t been heard from before, could you post it here otherwise contact myself directly or Mark so that it could be posted.

    I would be especially interested to see what the other Beaconsfield candidate Catherine Hammond is all about. What her policy’s are? What her political affiliations are, if any? Experience? What does she expect to do over the next 4 years if elected for Beaconsfield and Fremantle?

    Is she one of the put-ups for the Greens that we have been hearing about? As if Fremantle needs more Greens party members on its council.

  2. Paul says:

    Well, that worked!

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