No Representation for Burt St, What’s New?


Fremantle, City Council kicked off 2015 , showing what representation means in Fremantle,  Bugger All.

After looking over public submissions they are massively against the proposed zoning at  R-160, did that sway council 1st night of vote for 2015?, at 4 councillors for R-160 and 2 against, I guess not?

So we will wait to see at full council, what ward representation means to COF elected members. Be interesting to hear Brads comments on the situation

This development will be over 30M high, towering over the arts centre.

Will have approx 290 apartments.

Approx 900 people, to this tiny block.

Does this represent the best interest of the electors in the Burt St area, or is more in the ideological interests of council? Support

Is anywhere in Fremantle safe, from council ideology, could your suburb be next, would u be happy to have a 30+M high building across your home, some 900 people added to a block near u?

We often hear the term nimby (not in my back yard) well now days it could be any of us.

3 yrs ago would White Gum Valley residents expect council to approve 100 + trees to be cut down on 1 block. 150 + residents put in submissions against it did it help, not likely

3 yrs ago would Fremantle residents have believed that council would approve tonnes of concrete to be poured into a park in Fremantle, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would they expect council to vote for allowing a booze barn to be set up on a A-class and fence it in, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would people in North Fremantle expect council to be talking up a 40M+ building in McCabe st, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would Freo Residents in Outer suburbs have expected council to be proposing parking limits of hours in front of their homes for street parking, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would residents of Burt St have expected council to drive R-160 in Burt St, with 47 strong worded public submissions against the proposal well u guessed its happening, anyway

What we would expect is bugger all parking for this development, and u guess it, bugger all, is what we got,  just as well we have a Ward system to ensure our views are represented by our elected members, yes u guessed it representation, we get/got bugger all of that too.

A piece on it by the Herald



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  1. Suzanne says:

    Mark, the City of Vincent is tabling all contact between Councillors and Council employees and Developers for scrutiny by the General Public.
    ANY CONTACT. Phone calls, letters meetings. Vincent accepts their ratepayers and residents require transparency when it comes to development issues.

    • admin says:

      Sounds like a council who is trying to ensure an open, transparent operation, someone who wants to act in the spirit or the intent of the law as apposed to those who merely tick boxes as a bare minimum. These sound like the actions of a group that actually want to truly represent its electors best interest, no their own.

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