Poll update, East Freo and Kwinana



Town of East Fremantle Plympton Ward  44.08%

Town of East Fremantle Preston Point Ward  49.66%

Town of East Fremantle Richmond Ward  41.93%

Town of East Fremantle Woodside Ward 49.29%

Town of East Fremantle Combined Total 46.24%



City of Kwinana  49.39%


Looks like both cities should make it easy with 5 days to go. End of the week we will see where we stand on amalgamation. Driving down Canning Hwy over the weekend seeing say NO to Amalgamation signs along the road.

I think the strong turn out has surprised many people, I have heard quite a few say they would never get to the required 50% turn out, I guess the voice of EF and Kwinana is about to be heard loud and strong.

Good to see a strong democratic voice from the 2 areas.

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  1. Dick Baynham says:

    I am one of those who didn’t think the turnout would reach 50% and whichever way it goes I will be glad to be proven wrong. Democracy may have its problems, but it’s still the best system we have.

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