What is not quite clear in the regards to the East Freo poll, was did the electors vote against the Principle of Amalgamation or was it as you have noted several times Roel against the council that runs/sits in COF chambers?

You did note several times that people should look past the current ideology driven council and look at a possible new election outcome? So if it was that they are voted against not the fundamental idea of the amalgamation? Is it really Barnett’s fault that EF electors don’t want Freo Councils controlling their future? They just possibly thought it wasn’t worth the risk?

Perhaps the original idea of Melville/Freo/EF amalgamation would not have raised the ire of EF electors, allowing the amalgamation to proceed? Now was it Freo council with Kwinana and Melville, who came up with the new border plan, as part of the save Freo Campaign? So in a sense it was their map for amalgamation that was not sold to the electors who voted against it?

It seems many people agree with Amalgamation, so the reform committee listen to council submissions and generally followed them, if they had not had listen they would have been damn for that too.

Now the council wants the state government to pay, for me it doesn’t really matter who pays as a rate payer and tax payer I pay anyway?

The mayor of Freo seems to support the principle of amalgamation so agreeing with Barnett? The minister’s office took on-board councils submissions, put them in place now it’s his fault the Electors voted against the councils plan or submissions?

Barnett did offer money for amalgamation doing ahead, did he offer money for the process falling?

I can see both sides of the argument, it will be an interesting couple of weeks watching it unroll.

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  1. I think he just likes complaining about Barnett, because he is such a dyed in the wool Labor supporter.
    He is possibly upset because, according to him, he started the Freo Forever campaign, in which East Fremantle was a major component. He was always against Fremantle and East Fremantle going to Melville, or any amalgamation with Melville. Melville is perceived to be more Liberal than Labor and there is a perception that Melville would have been the dominate Council. So it stands to reason that he is against the No vote for East Fremantle. He was making statements against the East Fremantle No vote only a week or so back. Initially doom-saying, then saying how wonderful it was to see democracy in action. Spoken like a true fence sitter we all know he is.

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