Residence’s Speak, When Will Fremantle Council Hear???

Are there only 6 more full council elections to go, for this council?

Now there are many issues to come before council in this time, it will be a good indication of what sort of real representation electors (voters) can expect from our elected members (councillors/mayor).

Some voters have already seen what sort of representation they can expect, groups like the ones who protested the concreting of our parks, the residents of WGV, their 150+ public submissions against going forward with the Kim Beazley site development plans, where the locals saw the destruction of over 100+ trees on one site. The voters who opposed the booze barn on an A-class reserve and fencing it in at J Shed but still the council issued its support for a lease. The struggles Kidogo had over a simple toilet.  Council support for graffiti, leaving our city covered in tags, just look at the old married quarters if you need to see first hand the destructive nature of graffiti. The on going saga of the Carriage Cafe, the owners wanting to commit to their future in town& invest, the council looks as not so committed for business to stayIMAG0249 IMAG0251 IMAG0252

Dozens of streets or community complaining about inappropriate developments, lack of parking, sale of city assets, where will it end? Less public toilets than a year ago operating.

Now the new issues approaching our community, precincts.

  • Burt St R-160, completely ridiculous zoning, no interest in community representation,  just driving their ideology, completely inappropriate for social housing, but damn any common sense. Burt street residents took out a huge add in the herald too. Check it out Pgs, 9 from the 24/1/2105
  • MaCabe St, another, precinct where the locals have concerns about inappropriate height allowances, which just seems to go up and up, looking to be another  possible, white elephant or lemon as the media has referred? The local residents  even tried to get their point across by bringing in a Mosman councillor to represent them, says allot about representation in freo,when they feel the need to get a councillor from another city to represent them, does that sound strange to anyone, perhaps not a good look for the COF.
  • Wray ave another over sized out of place development, then more speed humps and traffic calming, just another obstacle on the road really.
  • East Freo can see the writing on the wall, they see their amenity under threat with amalgamation with Freo, 2 page add in last weeks paper, whole page add the week before. check it out, pg. 6&7 on the same issue as Burt St, 24/01/2105.
  • Noise and parking issues on Knutsford precinct, parking again, can you believe it???
  • Strange we heard in last SGS meeting that parking revenues are down for the city, sure enough this looks like its going to be added to by parking sensors so they have another more efficient way to raise revenue, i wonder if that efficiency will result in cutting a few jobs too, amalgamation just around the corner i wonder what that will get blamed for?
  • Plenty more but this may need  an update, as at full council meeting tomorrow council still has a opportunity to listen and hear
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