My response to the blog post above.

46% of the vote in i guess all this is a little late.
Closing the doors after the horse has bolted, so to speak.

Clearly EF residents have organized themselves to run this campaign,
If they look at what Burt St is facing,
Issues like Jshed,
Poor community consultation
The concerns at McCabe St,
Concrete in our Parks,
Esplanade given away for events to use for free and rate payers picking up the restoration costs,
Simple things like rubbish collection at major sites a ongoing issue,
Inappropriate developments for areas.
100+ mature trees cut at Kim Beazley site.
Sale of city assets, i.e. parking?
Empty shops
$50,000,000.00 outstanding maintenance,
Anti-car attitude
Housing diversity policy
Parking Policy
Poor anti graffiti policy or even a pro graffiti policy
Encouraging CBD begging, then moving it around or banning in certain places??????
A state government that doesn’t want to invest in Freo
No public facilities and closing existing ones in and around the CBD
i could go on,

You wonder why they are concerned??


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  1. The State Government is investing in Fremantle, considerably. Don’t believe the spin from the Labor party.

    However, they would invest more if the Mayor and CEO would approach them. There is a track record, year on year, that the Mayor and CEO have done little if anything when the grants and funding for the Local Government areas comes around. All but a couple of councils do the right thing and actively approach and seek assistance from the State Government. Only the Mayor and CEO can answer the question as to why they don’t actively seek more money from the State Government. Its not a budget issue and these funding initiatives are in the budget from what I understand.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Todays ‘West’, Letters to the Editor.

    Bloke is going off about the Victoria Park Council selling off public lands.
    Apparently that Council is not listening to its ratepayer/residents.
    Sound familiar.

    Nevertheless, Vic Park Council may be stymied when it becomes Southpark.

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