Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great piece in the Fremantle Herald on Friday, covering the shocking waste of rate payers funds, in an ad that tells us nothing new. Though is conveniently timed just before the local government as an attempt to tell us what a great job they are doing.

Claudia Green makes some great points in this piece, well worth a read if you are interested in the use of your rates.

If people read the figures and look at the details, it shows very little action on development in the never ending billion dollar pipeline that Mayor Brad loves to go on about. At the last election we heard “Lets finish what we started”, perhaps it should have been “lets start what we have been talking about”.

We can’t get a clean functioning toilet in town, yet we have thousands of $$$ to spend on self promoting ads at rate payers expense for Councillors benefit, just before the 2 yearly election, nothing “suss” there right?

As I have mentioned before its all about priorities, clearly the rate payers and residents amenity seems to be low or  non existent on that priority list?

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