What is Fremantle?


Over the weekend we saw a heavy community backlash against the process of amalgamation, so what will this mean for Freo?

As the once to be greater City of Fremantle, we have lost East Freo which I think would have added a new depth to our city.

What happens to areas of Fremantle that where going to Melville?

What happened to the areas of Melville that are suppose to come to Fremantle?

What happens to areas of Cockburn coming to Fremantle?

Fremantle and Cockburn depending on what the State does, could end up being smaller than they are currently? How does that effect the budget and decision making process of our councils

Today I read and heard that this morning the Premier had admitted that amalgamation had failed but was talking to the party to see where next? This afternoon no amalgamation and council changes would happen without council approval, what does that mean, we already know Freo and EF council have cut deals on amalgamation, so does that mean the Premier is listening to the Poll or a Chat with the Mayor?? quote “By the afternoon, the Premier had clarified his comments, telling reporters no amalgamations or boundary changes would happen without the support of councils.

Then later I hear reported that all focus would be quote”He said the proposed City of Perth Act, to enable the capital to acquire Vincent and parts of the western suburbs, was the “immediate focus now”.

How does council tomorrow night have a Special Committee meeting and vote on Policy when they don’t even know what suburbs will be effected by the policies, surely making a policy for 26000+ residents or just under 60,000 is a little bit different god know it must effect the cost??

So in the process of good governance how can a council bring policies into place without knowing what suburbs it will even effect. I suppose that makes it clearer for the broader community, to see if the policy they make are based on their own ideology or whats the need and representation of their residents? Considering they don’t even know what residents and suburbs they will have? Must make it harder speaking for the silent majority when u don’t know who they even are?

which way confusion

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