Fremantles Wind Driven Psychogenic Disease




Looks like the NHMRC has called for more funds to study Wind Turbine sickness.

The main topic of dissent seems to be in the area between those who are adamant that wind turbines emit sounds and vibrations that upset and harm some of those exposed, and those who argue that the available evidence points strongly to health problems and complaints being psychogenic.

I love reading some of these things it’s great to see two seemingly opposing sides arguing the same point, i.e. if it makes people sick is it physical or mental, end of the day if it makes you feel sick what difference does it make? The mind is a powerful thing if you think something will make you sick it possibly will?

Just because it doesn’t affect one person doesn’t mean it will not affect another, as it is with a whole range of illnesses through our community?

Studies from Canada have shown the Nocebo phenomena is almost impossible to separate from putative direct effects. So pretty much the researchers need to be in an area for years testing people for conditions before anyone even talks about a wind farm to get real results to compare, but I suppose if it’s a mental health issue, there would be so many other factors that would change over the time. That would affect their study making it near impossible to compare the effects the wind farms would have on the population with or without a farm being there?

But it seems in all my reading the closer to the wind farm the more the issues, in the UK they have proposed rules the bigger the turbine the further away it has to be from residents, or homes.

I.e. Wiltshire Council  amended its main strategy pre-submission document to impose min separation distances, no matter the local context, of 1 km for turbines over 25 m, 1.5 km for turbines over 50 m, 2km for turbines over 100m and 3km for wind turbines over 150m tall.

Possibly one of the reasons why Germany, has so many wind farms off shore anywhere from 400m to 90kms, in 2014 it doubled its off-shore power production. The UK is clearly a world leader in offshore wind farms ahead of Germany currently.

So it make you wonder with all the issues, people’s health, Europe leading the way in off shore wind farms, why would people want to stick them right in our Fremantle  port, just 100’s of metres from residents homes?

If people think they are being made sick from wind farms and the stress of it, actually makes them sick, whether it’s physical or mental does it matter? The effect is there still the same, telling someone who is stressed out its just in your head, get over it doesn’t really help, does it?

You have to ask, if it creates such health issues for the community why bother doing it, when there are so many other options, without the stress?

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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    I thought it a good idea for the NHMRC to fund getting the “quality” research they say is lacking in this area, and $500,000 seemed a reasonable amount. It should address the issue once and for all then. I presumed it would be done in about a year.

    Now they are saying they will fund a great deal more money into whether wind farms can affect human health, and over a 5 year period. So I guess they are going “full medical” on this, ie, undergoing the time consuming process of obtaining people’s medical records, back over years. I’ve just been through this, in order to be admitted in to a neurological research program in US. Its a pretty comprehensive process, as they need to rule out as many things as they rule in, there’s all this medico/legal stuff, and they may have to approach multiple institutions for all relevant medical details.

    Perhaps, at 5 years duration, they are also planning to set up an observation program?

    • Mark says:

      I think its always a good idea to ensure that new things we do do not add any serious issues for our community, no point in trying to solve one problem by creating another?

  2. Julia says:

    Useless technology, with a high rate of failure and ongoing maintenance issues and still the unknown when it comes to health issues. Why bother? Wonder why you would choose a very eye-catching and very, very noticeable location? Answer: Nothing more than a phallic symbol. Bit like a dog pissing on a post.

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