Water in USA pipeline is tapped for electricity

Hydro with a difference Luicd Energy


Now i’m not saying this would work in Fremantle, god knows they hate anyone using water.

But the science in this is pretty basic but smart its just a different type of Hydro power, but using existing water infrastructure.

Have a look the turbine is simple. I wonder if it would work with our sewerage system?

Adventure World could be a small power station in cockburn?

Reminds of a plan I heard years ago for the wellington dam being used as a base load battery, with a mixture of wind and hydro, plus cleaning up its water supply.

If we look around the world amazing technology is everywhere, makes you want to think before you leap?

Remember Fremantle Reforms tagline “Dont drink the Coolaid” Lets not just swallow the first idea someone throught at us, theirs always other options?

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