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The Fremantle Society  , Fremantle Tribe, For Fremantle people and places

Has a side service, where one of its members maintains a great blog to the Fremantle Freo community, where he collects freo oreintated blogs, websites etc for the www community to view its a really great service, so good job Sam.

Round House Freopedia

I believe Sam also runs the wiki links page for Freo where the Fremantle Society has set up a QR code tags system for building around town where anyone can use a smart phone to read the tag and its takes you to wiki link to read info about the place you are standing, its called Freopedia. See Roels blog on it at freoview

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  1. Roel Loopers says:

    yes Sam had the idea for the aggregator Planet Freo that is worth checking out as it collates all blog posts related to Fremantle.
    Sam has also been part of the Freopedia QR Code project of the Fremantle Society in collaboration with Wikimedia where people can read historic information about Freo on their smartphones. WQe should see more plaques on buildings in a few months!

    Roel Loopers

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