Fremantle Reforms Hits, 10,000 site visits


Sorry no $10,000 notes for the Republic of Freo available yet

Today Fremantle Reforms hits 10,000

Here are the top 5 posts month by month for the site over its 10,000 hits

Most popular blogs over the months have been

May           Council pressed over Kings Square finances | Business News and Fremantle’s Freight Link, What’s Really Proposed, Before City of Freo Blows another $100,000

April          Fremantle Council Mauls Questioning Resident

March       Cost of Fremantle Mayors Rate Payer Funded Junket, Doubles

February  Fremantle Made Junkets

January was a tie between Fremantle First      and     Do as I Say, Not As I Do – (Says) Council


Not to mention the flurry of hit over the last couple of days on;

Fremantle’s Plastic Bag Saga

Fremantle Council Strives to be No1.

Fremantle Flooding, Still an Issue on Daly St South Fremantle


The top 2 hits over the blogs time possibly as one is one of the oldest

1. About

2. Fremantle Made Junkets

Whats it all mean, probably not a lot but a small feeling of gratitude that so many people have had taken the time to hear my thoughts or listen to questions raised.



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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Yeah, you’re OK I guess….

    Well done, Mark! That is a rapid rise from a guy who only started his blog beginning January. And its fascinating what boiled down to what mattered most to your readers.

  2. Roger Garwood says:

    The City needed a an honest blog which is driven by facts, not ego driven, self opinionated, narcissistic, claptrap. Great news – keep it going.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Congrats to Fremantlereform.
    Ten thousand plus and counting.
    Always well researched, interesting and informative.

  4. Martin says:

    Well done Mark – can’t beat your blog for consistency and tackling the real issues front on. No flip-flopping on your site, and you do your homework before letting rip! Others could learn a thing or two from your approach.

    • Mark says:

      Cheers, i try to read up on things before giving an opinion or a point of view, I have actual not posted a couple of blogs due to changing my opinion after doing some research.

  5. freoishome says:

    Less than 30 different people who post!!!

      • Diana Ryan says:

        Ah heck, Mark, just do what the staff and commissioners of Canning have just done: pay a consultant nearly $100,000 to “procure” the outcome you want to get the govt to change how Canning is shaped and governed, before a council of hte people is finally returned….

        Apparently that’s democracy now.

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