East St Lane Blocked by Retaining Wall Collapse


east st retaining wall collapse

This morning driving up East St the lane heading south was blocked by what looks like a collapsed retaining wall.

Driving back to look at it this afternoon the lane was open but rubble was still there, with the eroded look of the existing wall I hope that this area is safe, especially with schools either side.

Let’s hope this is not an example of the cities $50,000,000.00 outstanding maintenance, jobs to do list?

While hoping there is no heavy rain fall over night?

Not really the safest setup with large metal rebar spikes sticking out of the ground, any unfortunate cyclist who came off their bike there might find themselves landing in a bed of nails a metre long. No warning lights just a closed footpath sign and some witches hats. Let’s hope the lights on the other side of the street give enough illumination to the hazard at night and no clowns toss the rubble onto the street?

A good spot to avoid till they arrest their landslide, I think.

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