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On the City of Fremantle’s website is a page called Community Engagement.

This is where the city places surveys on projects developments, polices and such like for the community to find so you can have your say in in regards to the policy, development or survey that they are asking for your input on.

The City of Fremantle is currently developing a new Economic Development Strategy for 2015 – 2029 that will build on the achievements of its 2011 – 2015 strategy. It closes on 16/02/2015. 

So to be fair if you wish to comment on the city’s direction this is a good place to start. Whether they take any notice of the surveys input is a matter for debate, still if you wish to express your self on the record this is a good place to start.

Have a say on the Economic Development Strategy click here. God knows it will have  to be a hell of a strategy?

Some of the questions are quite amusing and very leading the parking is one i had a chuckle about, plus the beggaring situation, first they invite them to Freo, when Perth pushed them out, then strangely its doesn’t seem to have worked out  for our COF and have now limited the locations for non commercial begging?? But i heard at chambers a couple of weeks ago that all charity collectors have been banned from the High St Mall as i understand it.? From one extreme to another ???

Anyway click on the link above and give the city some direction, they need all the help they can get.


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  1. 20. The quality of Fremantle’s public realm and general urban environment is influenced by a number of elements. From your point of view, which do you think can be improved the most?

    Please select ONLY 5 options from the list below that you think are the main areas that will assist in improving the performance of your business. Rate them 1 to 5 (1 being the highest priority):

    Begging on the street

    Explain your choices

    Why would you put “Begging on the street” as an option. Is the City of Fremantle on crack? Who writes this rubbish? They honestly think the option of begging on the street will “assist in improving the performance of my business”.

    • Mark says:

      I said I had a laugh.
      The begging is something to justify their past actions get a few people to say it high priority or low priority, what’s not clear is from is what’s the responders priority to keep the begging or get rid of it.
      Its just a mis-direction so in the future they can attempt to use surveys to justify their ideologies position.
      The answer is not always important but who asked what question and why? That will normally explain they are trying to achieve, so they have used the survey as a box ticking exercise and for future justifications of their ideologies, just the way 2029 was used. A $90,000.00, boxing ticking exercise which was done in a way to justify councils direction by saying they got direction, from the community, possibly why it came out 9 months late to cloud the real issues people raised with their own direction.
      I attended those meetings and what I saw was not what the report was saying, have heard many others say the same.

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