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I see Brad in the paper again, photo opp anyone, something about cars and parking, I think? People call Barnett emperor seriously check out Brads pic hes just missing, The Gladius and his Galea, standing over the evil vanquished cars.

I find it hard to see how the Mayor of a city with such a poor report in the 202020 vision can be  lecturing  about the concrete in Perth when his council is and has approved parkland to be concreted over, while having the second worse record in WA . Not to mention the 100+ trees they approved to be cut down on one block in White Gum Valley, just recently.

So perhaps we should keep the trees we have, stop concreting and planning to concrete more parkland and work on getting Fremantle back on its feet instead trying to tell the rest of the state how do its business.

Fremantle First

According to the ABS here is a excerpt from their last report. “The number of passenger vehicles per 1,000 population has also increased across all states and territories. Tasmania has experienced the largest number increase, from 554 per 1,000 in 2006 to 597 per 1,000 population in 2013. Western Australian experienced the smallest increase per 1,000 population (from 588 to 597 per 1,000 population).” Leaving Victoria, S.A.  A.C.T.  all worse than W.A. who is equal 4th with Tasmania

Passenger vehicles in Perth over 5 yrs had increased by 2.1% on the yearly average, while it was trucks and motor bikes that had doubled that figure in growth, neither using that much parking bay space.

It certainly doesn’t cost $30,000 for a car bay at your average Australian home, well not unless Brad has some new council car tax he hasn’t told us about? Last time i heard Brad referenced the cost of a  parking bay it was $50,000 per bay quite a change, i wonder what it will be next time? Have a look at this you tube post, compare to what Brad was reported in the West to have said, its only a 40% discrepancy.

Then of course there is the common sense way to look at it, a nurse drives to work at a hospital, does his/her shift leaves, then the same car bay is used by the next shift, well if that happens 3 times a day we can divide his figures by 3 for all shift workers jobs just to start with. The questions in these figures are endless.

It really drives home the tag for my blog Don’t Drink The Coolaid, i.e. don’t believe everything you are told, otherwise bad things can happen, ask questions, think for your self, chat to mates, etc.

Roel, has a blog on it too, Freoview, check out the comments after his blog post, always interesting.


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  1. Jayne says:

    This isn’t really about parking. It’s not even about Freo. It’s a middle aged man aligning himself with a topical issue to seek publicity in order to further his political career. After all, planting trees and gardens, removing graffiti and emptying bins doesn’t get enough media coverage…

  2. Julia says:

    Wonderful blog Mark. Fantastic to see a reality of the dire situations that Fremantle finds itself in due to the social and political engineering being carried out by our autocratic councillors.

    What is your view on the way the last council elections were conducted in Fremantle? Do you think it is possible for the same person to vote more than once? Do you think It was possible to postal vote and then think ooops, I can’t remember if I voted and pop down to Kings square and fill out another vote? This was the call-out on social media from the Mayor and other councillors were it not? Were there many possibilities for multiple votes, I’m sure by accident? The next election is going to be very important and needs to be carried out in a very professional and secure manner.

    • admin says:

      Hi Julia, both during the election and after questions where raised on the lack of security of the postal vote system.
      Again during and after the election I had residents say they had never received a postal form.
      As I believe there is no reconciliation or validation of signature for forms mailed in.
      During my door knocking or flyer drops, I saw mail boxes stuffed with mail some laying on the street, including waec mail.
      After the election, I spoke with waec offices, minister for dlgc and the dlgc metro-reform and have informed them off my experiences during this time, also that I though that a compulsory voting system would be better with no mail out system, but a system, like state or federal government.
      The metro reform group had since made a recommendation for compulsory voting it was part of their recommended points to the ministers office but no luck there.

      • Julia says:

        Thank god you are onto this one Mark. I seriously hope they take your advice/concerns on board and make the changes required quick smart. I also agree that the postal voting system must cease and a more professional and secure system implemented as per your recommendations. The last election was a complete joke, a bit like an alcoholic being in charge of the brewery. Keep up the good work mark, as Fremantle desperately need people like you.

        • admin says:

          Julia Thanks for your support I doubt one person calling the ministers office will have a big difference, but no good complaining about something unless u are prepared to go something or speak up too the ones running the show, though I must say how professional the ministers office has been in all my dealing with them they have supplied me plenty of info and documents.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Great blog Mark.

    To have factual Freo comment is a welcome change from the Press ‘blah blah blah’ photo op spins.

  4. freoishome says:

    Not just this post, but this blog could become a complete ‘bore’, if all it is, is just griping.

    Endless complaints about other people efforts!

    It is too easy to just critique others. I know this is the academic way of criticising the papers of other authors and researchers; you can get away with that approach in academia, on the basis that it requires additional research to put forward improvements. But that doesn’t work, in general, in the public domain. You can’t just criticise others without also contributing ideas. Your scenarios, your solutions, alternatives, etc.

    You risk just becoming another right wing bunch of whingers.

    • admin says:

      Paul sorry if you don’t like others having a point of view when it differs to yours, the real point is you don’t like what i stand for (which is fine) so u say its not a solution.
      My ideas
      Stop selling parking.
      Stop stupid Road modifications
      Stop vandalizing Public property
      Empty the bins with an organised system
      Have election sooner than later (Wards or Districts is a point of view)
      Worry about Fremantle First
      Stop concreting Parks
      Stop cutting down trees
      We dont want R160
      Give rate payers and residents real representation , not lip service.
      Its not complicated.
      I would say use common sense but that would be a real stretch.
      Don’t approve A-class reserves to be fenced off
      Stop giving our parks for free for companies to profit off while the rate payer picks up the check.
      Do i need a conduct a 15 yr study to find out residents don’t want most of these things, like no parking, rubbish over flowing in our parks
      having their homes/property vandalized, professional beggars in the streets of Town, etc, etc, etc,

      End of the day Paul you only read when u click the link or type it in, if u don’t like it, don’t read it.
      Personally i am happy for you to continue if u wish too, your a nice guy we just have different point of view, 4 me that’s fine, we are lucky to live in a country that allows it.

  5. freoishome says:

    For every one of the “STOP” you have above, why do you think the Council is taking that action. The statements here amount to saying “Do Nothing”. I don’t have a problem with people saying stop doing such and such, so long as they then either justify the status quo, or provide food for thought.

    I was opposed to selling the Point St block, including the multistorey car park, as I think asset ownership by LA particularly in locales that need leadership is wiser than leaving it entirely to the developers; that’s the way Melbourne approached their CBD development. Now Freo have sold it, what I want to see is evidence that the money is being put to better use than owning the asset. If they are able to do the latter I will feel less bad, maybe even supportive of their decision. That then creates background data for future decisions about asset sales.

    I use parking in town because it is there, that only makes my personal decision sensible, it doesn’t justify having the volume of parking that Freo has in the CBD. Are there benefits to having a pedestrian and bike friendly CBD? The answer to the latter depends on the type of CBD Freo wants to be; if we want a drive thru type shopping centre, the need would be very different, to a tourist or hospitality type town based on street cafes and browsing type retail. There will be trade offs you can’t have it all!

    Vision, and Goals should precede Strategies, and subsequent decisions. These are needed whether you are saying “STOP, DO NOTHING”, or the alternatives.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Scuse I Freoishome, by all means have your own whinge complaining about whinging, but others are interested in what this blog has to say.
    You have every right to differ in opinion, just accept that others may POLITELY differ with yours.

    • freoishome says:

      Suzanne how I have been anything other than polite?

      I’m all favour of other opinions. My concern is that if all that happens here is complaining, it won’t be a different voice, just whingers!

      • admin says:

        Isn’t saying u don’t like something an opinion, If people say they want to keep parking that’s not whinging as u put it, its a quite clear statement of their opinion, keep parking or sell it off? Keeping it is certainly a clear direction.

        • freoishome says:

          Yes saying one doesn’t like something, is an opinion, but, when that is all or predominantly all one does, isn’t that justification for the label ‘whinger’?

          To be credible as a voice, more than ‘Stop, do nothing’ is necessary.

          • admin says:

            You don’t like ideas i put forward we had this discussion on Roel’s blog. I get it, that’s fine.
            I not trying to change your mind, i think its quite set.

            I agree garbage should be cleaned up regularly at the round house if people complain about rubbish flowing through our tourist attractions for yrs, this is not whinging, just crap management.
            Stop selling car parking is pretty simple its not whinging its a statement,
            Stop concreting parks not a whinge a statement
            Stop approving over dense, unsuitable developments i.e. Burt St, what happened to the so called representation the ward system is suppose to supply residents, its just token words used, they are hollow and mean nothing, just a marionettist playing to their audience for a few cheap claps and ohhs and arrs
            Don’t allow people to fence our parks or reserves.
            Don’t sell car parking space we will need in the future.
            Don’t approve liquor venues that do against the COF own policies.
            Use master plan we paid thousands for, instead of them gathering dust.
            Have real community engagement not tokenism.
            There is a clear direction to council on these points its just they are not interested in them, they have their own agenda.
            For me most of those points are common sense if i have to explain them or do a study to justify them, i doubt it would do any good.

            You can lead a horse to water but u cant make it drink.
            When u feel like a coffee again let me know.

  7. freoishome says:

    I suspect what you are seeking is public open justification and explanation for all the things you list, road works, car parking, youth facilities, maintenance of public building, Parks and Gardens Mgt, including tree felling, use of public space for company profit, etc.

    isn’t the latter a better approach than just saying ‘stop’ or ‘don’t’?

  8. James says:

    Try as I might to follow the thread of your argument, I cant. You make no sense at all.
    If your suggesting that every decision made by Council should only be preceded by a Vision study, nothing will ever happen. The process is too slow and easily manipulated, as we have seen recently. Look at Roels posts for comments on that.
    If your suggesting that this blog is political, you’re off the mark. People with a common goal to see Freo managed well, enjoying a free forum, don’t have to colour their discussion as you choose to do.

  9. freoishome says:

    James, I’m certainly wasn’t implying each decision needs to have its own preceding visioning process. I’m sorry if that is what I inferred. However, when it comes to broad significant issues then as with all planning processes they need to be set in a broader context, typically Vision, Aims/Goals, Strategy, then the specific projects. Mark has mentioned several such areas, eg, car parking, CoF has said they want to transition to having car parking on the periphery of the CBD, rather than managing 30 small car parks, that make every street a rat race for cars; what is the alternate vision – Mark’s seems to be do nothing. Road modification; Public property (Use, M’tce and sale off), Parks and gardens, rather than the current piecemeal approach, what is the long term vision for these – Mark seems to be saying do nothing.
    In a small place like Freo it is difficult to do new things without impact the existing. I favoured the Skate Park being located in the car park to its south, and thus using less green space, but the trade off being losing a small car park. The City has a responsibility to provide facilities for youth, and despite its location, the Skate Park is a fantastic asset that is well managed and used. I favour the Basketball courts at South Beach using part of the car park rather than the grassed area, same trade off as the Skate Park.
    I support a vision that includes youth being involved with physical activity. My vision for such facilities is that an activity precinct should be built on Vic Quay, which would include a much broader range of activity facilities and with the office space being used by their State level Admin offices. But instead the public meetings, just followed the herd mentality of the facilitators, and decided that replicating Freo entertainment precinct was the way to go, and thus making Vic Quay a direct competitor with the CoF. So that makes life harder for CoF to locate such facilities without impacting other desires.

    • James says:

      Thank you. I now understand what you’re getting at. I think the solution to much of the aggravation is pretty simple. Councillors need to be honest about their agendas prior to voting, then stick with their principles when on Council. The frustration as a Freo dweller comes when the decisions come flying in from left field, surprising everyone who has invested time, money and their lives in Fremantle. When The Council and the Mayor have a bright idea they should be careful not to alienate just about everybody by implementing it without a mandate. The main reason people live and work in Fremantle is because they like it the way it is, or they liked where it was going. I don’t see too much I like about where he is wanting it to go, as he imposes his agenda on the area with his Councils support. The recent issues of parking, high density and Victoria Quay are just some that offside residents, visitors and business people. There have been too many to list sadly. I suspect you and I are on the same page about most of these issues, and we are not alone. I often wonder where the Mayor must live, and how he justifies some of his opinions. Some of it clearly comes from fellow academics at Murdoch University ie traffic and parking. Giving away green spaces is just lunacy, and probably comes from an asylum. How that can be justified when you pretend to be green? He should be pilloried for his green space giveaways.

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