Fremantle Parking Policy Before Full Council Tonight

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Fremantle’s night to see if the COF is about Rate Payer and Resident Amenity or Anti-Car Ideology

One of the purpose of the council is too ensure that rate payers and residents amenity is improved or at least not eroded.

So tonight the residents and rate payers of fremantle will see what is the case.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to present an amended version of the City of Fremantle’s Residential and multi-purpose parking permit policy to the Strategic and General Services Committee for consideration and adoption. The report provides commentary on the objectives of the amended Residential and multipurpose parking permit policy and discusses the results of a community survey conducted in September 2014.

A great quote from some residents in fremantle that i was sent on the issue,

Interestingly if the Council was to do some comparisons with Australian and international cities that have grown to achieve significantly higher population densities (you can look as close as City of Perth, or inner-city Sydney, or inner-city Brisbane, or inner-city Melbourne or as far away as San Francisco) that not only do they provide parking permits for residents, they generally provide more, at much lower cost, and also prioritize residents. I guess those Councils must think making a place attractive to live will encourage more people to live there. CoF seems pretty keen on driving the few that already call the CBD home away.

So far voting in SGS For the issue;

Cr Andrew Sullivan,

Cr David Hume,

Cr Sam Wainwright,

Cr Dave Coggin,

Cr Robert Fittock

Quote from the agenda, 323 responses were received on Survey Monkey with 4 emails, 2 letters and an email submission from the Beaconsfield Precinct.

A statistical summary of survey responses has been included in this report as Attachment 4. Within the survey, questions 7 & 8 allowed respondents to articulate their thoughts and opinions in free text. Copies of all 212 public comments have been provided to Elected Members as a confidential attachment to this report (Attachment 5). Due to the volume of comments received, paper copies have been printed and placed in the Councillors lounge for review.

Why are the public comments kept from the public view, whats confidential about any of that?

You Tube story about Fremantle Parking and Housing diversity

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