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no cars

Well the wheels almost fell off the committee last night as after 6pm they were struggling for a forum, so final they kicked off with 7 out of 12 councillors.

Bill Massie started off the night with a straight up, common sense, good governance, real representation question to the fill-in chair, Brad Pettitt. (Brad was filling in as the chair and vice chair where no shows) Bill asked if it was appropriate to go ahead with voting on motion before them, as at that moment the COF did not even know what Fremantle will be, whom it will effect, what suburbs it will impact and whether it was appropriate,  for those suburbs. Not to mention if suburbs are added to Fremantle those new residents would have had no say or voice in the process, welcome to Freo, better get use too it right?

Bill raised the issue of budgets and the impact from adding suburbs and what feasibility studies had been done, sounds sensible, good questions?

Brad hand balled to the CEO, he gave the answer a crack then a quick hospital pass out too to the acting director Paul Garbett, whom gave a fairly long answer, though I must say Mr Garbett seems to be a pretty switched on guy.

Needless to say Bill concerns where brushed over like normal and the rest of the council voted in favour of the motion.

The councils ITS Integrated Transport Strategy, was pasted through so COF delivered a strategy that pretty much will be done by someone else other than the COF. Most of these thing are out their control so mostly it’s a wishful thinking list. How I believe the Transport Authority is also so about to release a strategy, so instead of waiting to see what they have done and coordinate Freo’s ITS with a group capable of delivering actual outcomes? Freo’s has just happily made up a plan, they need someone else to actually deliver.

COF will assist the strategy by closing streets buses run on, selling the car parks, removing car parking from the west end, limiting time to max of 4hrs in the suburbs for street parking, one car per house limit, making Hampton Rd dangerous for trucks to drive on, adding more bike lanes, did I mention selling off car parks, putting a road thru the esplanade. While wishing for thousands of jobs to suddenly appear in the city where clearly there is an exodus leaving.

I believe we will get more and more people living in the city, but for the council’s figures to be achievable how many thousands of permanent full time jobs do we need in the city? Currently we see a glut of office space around Perth another 150,000sqm or so of new space coming on line this year, 15% vacancies and increasing and Freo’s plan, is to add another 70,000 sqm of office space, what developer in their right mind would build office space on some of the most expensive real estate in WA when there is a massive and increasing amount of vacancies? So the councils ITS strategy really only works if all the people coming to Freo are going to work by walking cycling to work, or are using easily accessible PT routes.

Their ITS plan is to more than quadruple bike riding as a transport means for going to work, triple walking as mode of transport to work and almost 1/2 the use of cars in 15 yrs?

Who’s to say someone living in Freo will work anywhere near Fremantle, gone are the days when people had jobs for 20yrs, the workforce is possibly more transient than it has been in years, just look at the FIFO situation?

The ITS plan is made around the personal ideologies of council, like one planet not around the reality of the situation we are in. Is there anything wrong with one planet ideas no but if we follow that blindly without looking at the reality of demographics and geography we are in, I think Freo will end up a lot worse off than it is now?

How will parents get kids to day-care, kindie or school then go to work, return from work, collect the kids, do the shopping, go to after school activities, doctor appointments and specialists to squeeze in etc, etc, is all this to be bike or foot powered? Time becomes more and more critical. Stand in front of any school in Freo and count how many bikes you see coming to drop off kids now compare that to the amount of cars, that’s reality.

Currently according to ABS WA homes about 40% have 1 car, over 33 % have 2 cars, over 12 % have 3 cars or more, that’s not including motorbikes, scooters, caravans, motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, trailers, campers, RUV’s etc. Where will we keep these things with a max one car per house policy and time limited street parking? Fremantle 1 car per household is 8% higher than the states average!

Now these number are increasing not decreasing so reality is going in one direction, Fremantle council’s ideology driven policy seem to be is heading in quite the opposite?

Anyway don’t believe everything I say have a read of the policy and decide for yourself, click onto the link it will take you to the daft discussed at last night’s meeting. I have only just highlighted a few of the clangers this policy has.

One sensible idea is to increase the CAT bus service, but they can’t increase it now as they can’t afford to?

A couple of other highlights below,

No trucks on Hampton Rd, how will fuel stations get petrol, how would all the marine industry survive at fisherman’s harbour, let’s have more jobs in Freo but no trucks which many need to function, maybe Little Creatures can get supplies and make deliveries by bike? Let’s not even mention all the businesses along Hampton road that need truck access to function? The classic last year council approved a restaurant to be built just of Hampton road on the west side and 2 weeks later pasted a motion not wanting container trucks on Hampton Rd. Yet the restaurant concept they approved was based on the restaurant being built out of 40ft containers, which they applaud as an innovative idea, the real innovation now will be how to get the containers there.

No Cars in the CBD?

Rail down South St, who’s going to pay for that?

No primary road transit corridor going north?

Increasing rail use but a better access from CBD to Port, will we have a tunnel or bridge?

Better visual and physical access to fisherman harbour but tripling the rail going through there that will make all the new home owners happy in South Freo?

On their Map Freo is a bigger destination than Booragoon or Gateways, who’s kidding who?

They oppose the Roe 8 great, but if it comes what’s the point in planning like it’s not, I believe main roads has upped the tempo to bring it in even quicker.

Do they seriously believe taking away car access to Fremantle will help retail or attract new business? The ITS really is just a big anti-car policy, though they end take pains to say it’s Not? Just google anti-car Fremantle and it’s enough reading for the night. If there is smoke there’s fire?

no car

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  1. freoishome says:

    Mark and Matt,
    I don’t know if either of you made submissions during the public comment period of the ITS. I assume as you have so much to say about it here that you must have?
    Parts 1 Introduction, sets the scene linking this review to other State and CoF strategies and plans, I didn’t note any critique of these so assume you are both keen supporters? Part 2 Drivers, then goes on to explain the underpinning arguments for the approach of the main body of the document. I suspect this is where you both have differences to this final draft, but neither propose an alternative. Do you have an explicit list of alternative drivers and the arguments to back them up, rather than just complaining about the CoF statements, or is this just a case of empty vessels make most noise. I hope it isn’t the latter.
    This is important, if there are very different drivers to lead to a very different but promising future, this is the time for everyone to know about them.

    • Mark says:

      Paul if you wish to address Matt then I suggest u email him directly to ensure he gets your thoughts, as i don’t think he has commented on your post? So he may miss your questions
      Yes I did make a submission.
      Interesting the council has a whole team of people draft these documents, yet u expect one resident to rewrite the doc if they wish to make a comment or voice their opinion.
      I suggest you and Barnett would get on great, perhaps you could email him your suggestions to the changes to local government act to ensure, that residents wishing to make comment on LG policy have a full counter prepared policy with research and studies to back it up. As this is sort of idea that would have made Barnett’s drive to force in amalgamation over electors wishes much easier.
      I don’t know if you have read the whole document or get some of its effects, but I wonder if all the business that use or are on Hampton Rd know what the council has planned, as if trucks are driven off these roads what happens to business operations, I can’t see Little creature or many other businesses from the fishing boat Harbour to Sealanes doing much business on a Bike or PT. Interesting the council talks of new jobs in the city but seems happy to drive out jobs and business with their anti-car strategies?
      Council in their wisdom one week approved a business to be built out of 40ft container modules on the west side of Hampton rd., two weeks later discussed at a meeting the best way to ban containers trucks from the using Hampton, does that make sense to you?
      Without proper car infrastructure, parking, traffic flow, retail, business and more importantly people wishing to come and do business here, the idea that Fremantle claims to be a Strategic Metropolitan Centre is a joke. It can hardly support a book store? Last week they barely had enough Councillors turn up to even talk about it?
      Look at all the suburban style strips Malls in great or small shopping centres or small shopping centres all of them busy do u think think that is because of a great public transport system, or some art deco bike racks, no its because of FREE PARKING, if you don’t believe me, go down to South Freo on Hampton, watch out for the trucks, and see what drives that little centre? Cars or Bikes? Reality or Fiction? I’m sure it isn’t the latter?

      • freoishome says:

        The strategy regarding freight haulage is about port ops. It explicitly expresses the need to maintain freight access to the CoF. Did you read the report!!!
        Your suggestion to watch the traffic flow on Hampton Road, shows companies like Steel Haul which is based in Navel Base as a Ports Ops break bulk company, choose to use Hampton Road instead of Stock Rd (the route designed for that purpose), because they can get away with it, there are seldom less than 5 of the their trucks on Hampton at any time!
        What is yours and Matt’s ITS strategy. Leave everything as is for the next 20 years? I suspect it is actually to increase the Freight Haulage on roads through the CoF at ever increasing rates, making access to the CBD increasingly difficult for ratepayers.
        As to, using containers for other purposes, that might be a smart idea. It seems that a high proportion of containers coming to WA are one way, so the harbour is already full, ie, stacked 7 high, so more and more of them are being parked in the Metro for many years!

        • Mark says:

          Paul I see that you already have a good politician style (Barnett) and avoid all the questions/points I raised about how fishing boat harbour and business between that and Lefroy Rd would work without trucks and the impact on business by driving them out and jobs with it? Yes I have read the report and parts of it make no practical sense at all? As I use Hampton Rd quite a bit, I can’t recall seeing a Steel Hall truck on it, it’s a bit hard to believe on that short stretch of road they would have 5 trucks on it at one time?
          If you read what I said, I said “”””” if you don’t believe me, go down to South Freo on Hampton, watch out for the trucks, and see what drives that little centre? Cars or Bikes? Reality or Fiction? I’m sure it isn’t the latter?””””” I was inferring there is no special bike lane on this road and if you go to the shopping centre watch out, I could say buses would be a bigger threat on that road than trucks?
          I don’t know what your obsession is with Matt, but I don’t have any strategies with him so you best address your fetish with him directly.
          They are not leaving everything the way it is, they are building the freight link which the council seems to be in denial about, like it or not if it’s coming deal with reality not fantasy.
          If you cared about rate payers you wouldn’t be supporting the anti-car campaign run by council, to kill off the CBD retail and business or making roads worse with cutting down traffic flow.
          The build-up of containers, just show how poor our export business is that we buy in more than we export, I guess that is a loss for all of us?

          What has become clearer to me in Freo and how I also understand better why engagement is poor from the general public, is as soon as someone has a different point of view, speaks their opinion, voices their concern, that differs from council doctrine or ideology, its cult like supporters come out and shout the person down for daring to speak out, truly democracy at its best?

          • freoishome says:

            But the opinion you express is seldom suggestions, instead just whinging about what the CoF or others are thinking.

            The strategy doesn’t do anything to reduce service trucks. The impact on HGV trucks, ie, at a Strategic level is design alternative through routes for trucks, from companies like Steel Haul which have dozens of trips/day along Hampton Rd, instead of Stock Rd, on route to and from Navel base and the harbour, and that a large part of that should be switching that freight to freight rail, off roads altogether, making the roads better for all road users.
            I haven’t said anything about the changes on Lefroy, etc, for trucks because there aren’t any.
            So are your readers to infer that you are supporter of “Freight Link”?
            Also are you opposed to the Drivers in the report, ie, that the pecking order for improvement is Active transport, ie, Walking and Cycling, then transit, ie, Public transport, and then motorists? Further that the majority of ratepayers don’t want this?
            Are you saying being ‘pro’ active and transit transport is anti car?
            Aren’t you and Matt always singing from the same hymn sheet?

          • Mark says:

            You sound a lot like an ABC commentator attempting to fill my mouth with your words.
            You really have a thing for Matt don’t you? Again you will need to ask Matthew what he thinks unlike you council groupies I like to think for myself and are not part of a sheep ideology or pack mentality
            You would have to ask Matt what his Hymn sheet is I really have no idea.
            Being for or against the Freight Link, if it happens is like being against the sea breeze and spitting into it.
            You don’t like suggestions I have so automatically say it’s no suggestion, it’s a typical left wing attitude your correct and everyone else doesn’t have the right to an opinion unless it follows yours.
            You still have not answered how fishing boat harbour will operated without trucks, or what effect removing trucks will have on their operation and peoples jobs?
            Me I’m for jobs, supporting business and dealing with reality not hoping the nasty things will go away that bad Barnett is up to?
            If rail increases great I believe we should use all existing infrastructure to its maximum potential, as that is common sense, if the government chooses to build a road link as well, planning like it will not happen is counterproductive.
            Where do u come up with this stuff being proactive is anti-car??? I must behind in my Antonio Gramsci theology reading?
            If the government is not giving us what we want or need and so far that’s what the record says, then planning like we will get our fairy tale list and putting all our eggs in one basket is a little ridiculous.
            I’m all for public transport but if it’s not there no good planning like it is?
            Happy to see less trucks on the road too, but will it happen, suggest you check out the ABS on vehicle registrations and which areas show the increase of registrations and growth in some cases doubling of growth when compared to areas like passenger vehicles.
            Reality not fairy tales, facts.
            Like the fact I mentioned to you at the South Fremantle shopping centre, cars NOT bikes keep the place alive, with spikes around school time closing and pick up and after work.
            Have a chat to a Mum with a couple of kids in the car doing her shopping after school, tell her she is out of touch and should be on a bike instead, see what her response will be. These are the people that drive small local businesses tell her she can’t use a car, I have a fair idea what she will be telling you.

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