Fremantle what happened to the Electric Car?

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Which one for which car

electric car charge point

Below are a few reasons places like Fremantle Council should keep the ideology driven ideas to themselves, our rate base is too small to wasting COF resources on issues like electric car charging stations for basically wealthy people to drive one of their vehicles down south to pick up a couple of cases of wine. It’s not that electric cars are a bad idea quite the opposite, it just has nothing to do with our council. I wonder how often the city placed chargers we do have are actually used?

I’m sure all the time effort and resources at council could be put to better use, than planning and marketing a recharging system down south for a hand full of mostly rich people to use? Issues like this demonstrate council would be better served spending its time attending to its actual responsibilities and doing things for the good of the rate payers and residents and leave the market or industry to sort out issues like this.

I wonder how many people who own an electric or hybrid vehicle have more than one car. Sort of defects the purpose is you drive a fossil fuel car and then having another electric or hybrid to ease your guilt or maybe it’s just another fashion accessory, hey look at me?

In the Australian an article on the slump of electric car sales and predictions that have not even managed 30% up take.

Electric car sales predictions fall flat

Obama’s great electric car predictions fall further than flat not even achieving 30 % of his 2011 predictions.  Even though the Americans where the ones to achieve the better result out of all, after all of Merkel’s hype, Germany didn’t reach 25% of Merkel’s forecasts.

” In 2011, Obama predicted there would be a million electric vehicles on US roads by 2015. Billions of dollars in rebates, tax credits and incentives later, the actual number is fewer than 300,000. But it’s unfair to single out Obama. The US comes closer to its target than most. Angela Merkel wanted a million EVs on German roads by 2020. There are now about 25,000. China’s target: five million; there are 83,000.”

“But the Golden Plug Award for Over-Amped Optimism goes to the Australian Energy Market Commission. It’s widely reported 2012 study expected every fifth car leaving Aussie showrooms to be an EV by the end of the decade. In other words, about 225,000 cars a year. Last year’s figure: 1135.”

Norway, where EVs have captured 12 per cent of the new car market and it’s not unusual for the Tesla Model S to be the bestseller, is reconsidering its incentive scheme. Why subsidise luxury car buyers?

“The penny has dropped among carmakers that EVs have fallen flat. General Motors is just the latest to retreat from sales targets. And this in the face of some trends going their way, such as falling battery costs.”

Tesla electric cars struggle to ignite Chinese market

Why Hybrid and Electric Cars Have Lost Their Spark

What I don’t understand is why more effort has not been put into hybrid lorries and garbage trucks? That would be a better way to seed the technology and one that would improve all of our lives. How much effort is being put into electric trucks that would replace a dirty diesel engine? I like the idea of electric cars but it’s not our council’s job to change the world as they can’t even maintain drains, footpaths or even water trees properly. Better to learn to walk before you try to fly. Those funds could be better used to reduce the $50,000,000.00 of outstanding maintenance issues in the COF.

Its really a question of priorities and their actions show we the rate payers and residents are not high on that list.

Fremantle Car Power, Whats in it for us?

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  1. Jayne says:

    It’s incredibly selfish of those on Council who approved and implemented these electric car initiatives. Selfish because this is about them and not about Fremantle residents and ratepayers. And that seems a common theme – ignore local interests of the many to serve the personal desires and ambitions of Council. How dare they! What did the Mayor get out of this? Was it approval from the Greens party? Mentions of his name in the media? A step closer to state politics? I’d like to know how much money was wasted this time by the Mayor and his buddies.

    • What did he get out of it you ask? All of the above.

      Seriously though, there are 2 free 12 hour car parking spaces in the Queens gate car-park, on the ground floor just next to the entrance. You can re-charge for free, each and every day that its open.

      So its okay to have electric cars and give away parking and electricity (all provided by the ratepayers) than if you have a petrol or diesel engine. That’s what they are doing through their actions in the name of “sustainability”.

      I think the point you make in relation to the majority of ratepayers not having electric vehicles. Therefore this is an ideologically driven policy by the council that doesn’t really fit the majority of what people are actually doing.

      Having said that, its no surprise when our own Mayor, who drives a petrol car, orchestrated the purchase of a Holden Volt in the name of an electric vehicle purchase, which is his vehicle at council, and then fails to mention that the Volt is powered by a 4 cylinder petrol engine. But hey, lets not get stuck in the details of the purchase policy and justification when the spin sound so much better.

      • Mark says:

        Matthew sorry brad doesn’t have an electric car its a hybrid.
        Even better is the free power they give away is from fossil fuel which is what powers a majority of electric or hybrid cars
        Again ideology over common sense or real outcome. As long as it sounds good, its good enough.

  2. Sondre says:

    You mean; Norway, where EVs have captured 21 per cent of the new car market. The incentive scheme is reconsidering and it is moving on rather untouched until 2018. After then diesel engine may be banned from the city centers.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Sondre, I’m not sure which part of my post you are referring too, are you adding information or querying a fact. If its the % figure you have stated 21% of new car market, the couple of stories i have read and one with linkage on my blog quotes 12 % of new car markets in Norway. The 12% I got from the Australian news paper.

      If you have another reference link that states different facts or quotes on Norway for the EV’s send it too me please and i’ll add the link to my blog.


      • Martin says:

        Hi Mark

        Where does the electricity come from? WA’s Coal and gas fired power stations of course. Perhaps the emissions are just moved out of Freo and into somebody else’s back yard?

        …no wait, I am sure the electrons in Freo’s recharging scheme only come from wind turbines, and no doubt our Council paid Synergy’s “mug’s green premium price” so that they can hug these special green electrons.

        I would be interested to know how many cars have used the Freo scheme to date, and what that has cost rate payers on average per car recharge [including installation of the scheme, maintenance and electricity]. Actually, perhaps I would rather not know…



        • Mark says:

          Martin all quite true.
          The more I observe council the more it seems they go through the motions, to tick various boxes.
          I think in some cases it just a matter of going through the motions for them, the outcome in cases are not the issue, just the appearance, hence my regular comment of the political nature of freo council, their concerns appear to more politically based, than actual outcomes.
          Clearly the outcome of having EV charging in Freo with the minute, EV use in WA, has possibly had a worse carbon impact on our environment, by simply installing them. The possible offsets of carbon saving forgetting the fossil used to make the electricity is had a negative impact on carbon savings, but it sounds good right, with rose coloured glasses.
          I bet they will be obsolete before they get any real use.

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