Fremantles Councils, Anti-car Message, Out of Touch with Community Reality??

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I went out to run some errands this morning and dropped in at the Fremantles Growers Green Market, great crowd though it looked like it might rain, the place was pumping.

What was surprising is the amount of cars at the event, not that its bad but the parking areas where packed, and looking like they where quite well run. Clearly an organizer who understands that supplying parking is crucial as there where attendees in high-vis giving directions and nicely controlling the steady flow of traffic.


Then I had to see someone in Nth Freo so popped by Leighton to see how the carnival was running, nippers had their day between Port and Leighton beach. Again the message council is spruking on car use, has little effect on few, the beach south of port to out past cables was packed, every last space was packed with cars and thousands have been enjoying our great beaches.

So the question begs when will reality hit home to council, cars are an everyday part of the average West Australians life, to think any different, just flies in the face of reality.

All the comparisons with Europe, Canada etc, on car use, concrete, parking, made me do a quick google search as i remember a story from Sth beach (Miami USA) some years back about a shopping centre and its car park, good old google 20 seconds in  I found it, so another car installment coming soon, to keep a little balance and reality to the discussion.


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  1. You mean that a large number of people actually traveled by car and needed a place to park, put their groceries and return home? What a revelation. It must be a freak coincidence. These same people brought their families along too? Wow, I’m amazed.

    Someone should tell the Mayor and councilors in the City of Fremantle as this seems to be totally opposite to what they are trying to do. Maybe they could have a growers green market in the City centre and do a poll as to how many people actually bothered to walk, ride a bike and catch public transport (on Sunday) to get there.

    But I nearly forgot, they are trying to encourage people to walk, ride a bike and catch public transport by removing the car spaces, you see, that way we wont have a choice. Either we will have to reach our destination by walking, bikes or public transport, or not at all.

    This council have become infatuated with the City centre and needs to place more emphasis on the suburbs. As your report has seen, there is free parking and plenty of it, for the moment anyway.

  2. freoishome says:

    I use a bike regularly and help others to do so. But are you both really suggesting that cyclists MUST ride in stormy conditions with large bags of groceries. I know many cyclist, but probably only one or two who don’t own a car. The difference is they minimise their car use. If all you are doing is going to town and back for a coffee or a newspaper use your feet or bike!
    I went to the Sunday Arts Centre music, and like every Sunday, the bike racks were overflowing, within 15m of the entrance. Still lots of cars the full length of Ord St, probably the furthest they ever walk!. Did you see any bikes at the Grower Market or the beaches? How much space and facility did they require?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Paul not really sure who M&M (maybe the rapper) is or where the bike issue came up as I said to u many times before I have no problems with people riding bikes. Ride to your hearts content. I don’t think I mentioned cyclists having to do anything, so bit lost on your comment?
      No I didn’t see a bike rack at the spots i was on the beach.
      Didn’t see one at markets either though being a school I’m sure their is one.

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