Fremantle’s Councils Perceived Anti-Car Stance

anti car freo

Here is really another opportunity to solve Brads concern on the concrete jungle that car parks,  roads etc will bring destruction to Australian culture as we know it. (Still haven’t figured out why its a concerns to him, as he is/has approving  concrete to be poured in to our parks). So with a bit of vision instead of the heading, –  Parking, ‘will cover Perth in concrete” It could read Parking, “Could Cover Perth in Parks, Gardens and Grass”

Anyway we know from history that gardens on buildings and terraces have been around for thousands of years (roof top gardens) Over the years i have heard lots of chat about greening our city all i have seen so far is some mozzie breeding pots scattered around the city looking like chopped rain water tanks. Roof tops gardens its old hat, nothing new.

So from history we can see back to the ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia,Villa of the Mysteries from Pompeii, the hanging gardens of Babylon. The ancient city of Fustat had buildings up to 14 stories with roof top gardens and automated water wheels, for the plants and people. Anyway the point is that all these concrete buildings, car parks, that Brad is concerned about, could or should have their roofs tops as open green spaces, look at Rockerfeller building. Today with all the modern and adapted techniques, of Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, pumps, etc its all quite easy.


 Recently i have read that Hamburg, Germany have the Hamburger Deckel project which will bury the operating A7 Autobahn under parks, garden, reuniting divided suburbs, so instead of the wall coming down in this case German unity, is by burying the freeway.

Imagine that on the upgrades for high st, park lands, gardens, pedestrian ways, more homes, and a freeway running underneath. So from the evil car rises a phoenix of opportunity.

Possibly why the Germans are at the forefront of activated urban, livable, environment, instead of shifting around pot plants.

So there the automobile, its road, car parking, present an opportunity, here its a obstacle, to be driven out, the car is not really the problem, just the way it is looked at or used.


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  1. Roel Loopers says:

    I suggested covering the future Fremantle bus terminal at the railwat=y station and make the deck a public green space. I also suggested this for higher buildings at the future Victoria Quay development, as it makes sense and even more so on residential highrise for tenants.


  2. Jayne says:

    Excellent idea Mark!
    Rooftop gardens, courtyards and atriums could (and should) also be incorporated into multi-storey developments so they are not simply big, ugly concrete blocky eyesores that retain heat. Yet the designs proposed in Freo haven’t progressed from the 1980s. Is it because our expectations are so low? I mean, everyone gets excited over the little makeshift garden outside Bread in Common – it even gets publicity! And yes, those metal tanks with half dead plants in Kings Square are just an embarrassment! We need people like you on Council with REAL vision for a better future for Freo.

  3. freoishome says:

    This is more like it Mark, ideas and pictures of real visions. I think Prof Newman will like this, CUSP has opposed single storey car parking, but is a fan of multistorey, and with roof top gardens who isn’t to like them.

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