Fremantle’s Freight Link, What’s Really Proposed, Before City of Freo Blows another $100,000

Dean Nadler’s press release today has raised the normal Fremantle response, you can hear the sabres rattling again as the troops ready for another battle.

It seems our council or to be precise CR JON STRACHAN wishes to start this fight with a $100, 000 of our cities funds. This amount it appears will be used to come up with a better plan than the combined force of the W.A. main roads and multiple multinationals construction companies? Sounds like a pretty Cavalier attitude with city funds?

Considering the wording of Nadler’s opening paragraph, “The Australian and Western Australian governments are getting on with delivering world-class infrastructure with three proponents invited to participate in the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase of the $1.575 billion Perth Freight Link project.”

After reading this and word proposals, it seems this next milestone is looking at direction for this new freight link. Considering some of the groups don’t build roads but are involved in tunnels, others bridges or jetties and another is actively involved in rail construction in Perth. Perhaps it’s a bit early to be jumping to conclusions about what this new consortium will propose?

So before the City Council decides to burn $100,000 of city funds trying to out think and develop a transport network where just one of the dozen companies involved is AECOM a company  which is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. AECOM has approximately 100,000 employees and is currently listed at #322 on the Fortune 500 list.

It may be a good idea to hear what they propose before we decide to piss into the Freo Doctor  a $100,000 of city funds?

Let’s face it with the city’s track record of getting the state government to invest in Freo’s benefit, we may as well just take the $100,000 down to the cafe strip and shout a few rounds on a Saturday night? At least then we would think things are great, well to till the hangover hits  and at least the feel good effect of blowing $100,000 would last longer, than their plans?

Update with links to get more info, read a balance of information to make an informed decision, of course that takes time and effort.

Main Roads Perth Links, Link

Road 2 rail link

Business News; Perth Freight Link May include Tunnel

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  1. It’s interesting to note that this same councilor, who I previously had a modicum of respect for, will be whinging that the State Government has reduced the funding for the woman’s refuge in Fremantle and its no longer able to be supported. Maybe instead of throwing this $100,000 to their Road-2-Rail/Save Beelier Wetlands friends, including Councilor Sam Wainwright, they should stop put their money where their mouth is and get another year of the woman’s refuge going. Its going to do a lot more than $100,000 trying to stop a $1.6 billion road project which IS going to go forward.

    This is another shining example of why the State Government doesn’t want to engage with the likes of the City of Fremantle. What is truly annoying is that the same people that are proposing this, and their supporters, are the ones crying about not getting a State Government department in Fremantle, and wonder why its not going to happen.

    Just remember people that our rates will increase, our services will decrease and this $100,000 has to come from somewhere. Ask yourself if you really want $100,000 going to a Road-to-Rail mob and a Save Beelier Wetlands group. Both groups have very little membership, are run by people who live nearby and will be affected by these projects, and are realistically holding up the progress of needed road projects and funding coming to Fremantle.

  2. blairarnup says:

    Or the council could use it to support the Women’s refuge!! Is our Mayor afraid he is being “exploited” by the State Government?

    • Mark says:

      I think for some on council its more important to make the right political posturing and noise than on the real outcomes.

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