Fremantle’s Hampton Rd Flooded Secret Sewer For Sale

Photo by Jeremy Dixon, Fremantle Herald

Photo by Jeremy Dixon, Fremantle Herald

This week at SGS the sale of Hamptons Rds much talked about flooding house is considered for sale.

As reported in the Herald “For year’s residents living opposite the old nurses’ quarters (now named Ocean View Lodge and used for public housing) have complained about drainage, with their homes flooding whenever there’s a downpour.”

The real community concerns on this issue was the time it took to get any action to solve this problem and when the COF did do something it decided to make the issue another of their secret/confidential meetings, transparency is not a strong issue for this council.

“This item is for Council to consider approval to sell 73 Hampton Road, Fremantle (Lot 5 on Plan 571, Volume 2019, Folio 876), which was purchased in July 2014 to allow for drainage works to be undertaken at the site.”

The proposal is to sell the property at auction, I wonder how much of its history will be told. 

Considering there have been reports for over 10yrs of flooding at this property. Let’s hope this is not prescient of buying up problems it would be easier and I’m sure cheaper for council in the long to just fix the problems as they arise and preventative maintenance would not hurt either.

It also show the issue of planning where we see greater and greater infill and hard surfacing of our suburbs (something Freo is famous for in the 20202 report) as more and more  grass and vegetation is removed and replaced by concrete or paving we get more run off leading to problems like this. So let’s hope the planning in the future addresses issue like this to stop them from happening in the 1st place

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Bought for $935k. Add the cost of stamp duty. How much did they spend on drainage works?

    It will be interesting to see what it sells for at auction. Your council’s money at work…

  2. Abe says:

    Did they actually fix the drainage issue?

    • Mark says:

      No really sure the council bought the house then had some work going in the back yard i think then put it up for auction?

      I doubt they did the recommended street drainage as it was quite expensive.

      I think the story was something about a sump. sounds like a another band-aid.

      Some of the discussion were closed door meeting so the general public was banned or asked to leave when these issues are discussed.

      Not bad for a Mayor who says hes about transparency.

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