Fremantle’s New Parking Policy

At Fremantle’s next full council meeting, the council will consider the new council  parking policy for residents, link here to the meetings agenda.

Its an issue I have spoken about many times before, I have included links to the Heralds parking curbs article from October 2014. Also the interview I had back on WTV “Fremantle Parking Curbs”  from last year when I raised attention to the anti-car tack taken by CoF. Strange a council that wants to reduce the parking its residents and rate payers can use, yet supplies some 200 car parking bays free to its staff, sends a bit of a mixed message doesn’t it? What happened to their drive for workers to use PT to commute to and from work. While the council encourages its own staff to use cars with free parking right in the heart of the CBD.

Its interesting when you watch Brad talk on the WTV interview, he seems to think that if you live in the CBD, “you don’t need a car” so I guess that means, if you live in CBD you don’t need to leave Fremantle or go down south, even in an electric car.  Does that means people who own electric cars cant live in the CBD in Fremantle? Quite confusing really, Brad wants an electric car charging network, going down south but thinks we don’t need CBD parking spaces for residents, we need charging stations but not bays to park the cars in? This sort of ideology left common sense a long time ago.

The sad comparison of Fremantle with European cities or high density cities in the Americas is ridiculous. If they think bike riding will be as popular in fremantle as it is in places like Holland which is just dead flat. The biggest challenge to bike riding east to west or vise versa in freo is not the lack of a dedicated bike track, its the 2 big hills up south st. To think a parent with an infant will tackle that in + 30degrees C with shopping onboard riding a bike is ridiculous. That’s why as CoF continues to make car parking more challenging, shoppers make other shopping precincts their destinations. With out the mass of shoppers using freo as a destination, the businesses continue to leave, driving even the CBD residents to shop  more and more at other centres.

The councils primary function is representing the rate payers and residents of Fremantle, judging from the agenda for the upcoming parking policy item the community submissions and surveys tell a difference story from the direction council is heading, nothing new there I suppose? Especially since the council has decided to treat the 200 public comments on the subject as a confidential attachment.

So now we can wait and see whether common sense and the rate payers wishes guides council or is it their anti-car agenda.

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  1. Inner City Resident says:

    Interestingly if the Council was to do some comparisons with Australian and international cities that have grown to achieve significantly higher population densities (you can look as close as City of Perth, or inner-city Sydney, or inner-city Brisbane, or inner-city Melbourne or as far away as San Francisco) that not only do they provide parking permits for residents, they generally provide more, at much lower cost, and also prioritize residents. I guess those Councils must think making a place attractive to live will encourage more people to live there. CoF seems pretty keen on driving the few that already call the CBD home away.

    • Mark says:

      Its Very sad that this council places their political ideologies,before the amenity of the residents it was elected to represent.

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