Hiltons Aldi Factor

We have seen lots of comments on the new Aldi, old Dick Smith has a comment on his site here’s a link.

There is lots of issues to talk about, whether people want an Aldi or not?

It’s not great that all the small businesses are being driven out by Aldi another foreign based company killing off small local business. I would rather see them battling with Coles and Woolies than the small businesses

The issue that does not seem to in discussion is the traffic. Anyone who drives down this street (south st) knows that the traffic is shocking a real bottle neck, with bad entrances onto South Street, badly placed PT pick up and set down points and small roads that are challenging to get out of.

Add to this in the future plans for the High St upgrade and may have real increase of diverted traffic to South St when High St stops as a thoroughfare into Fremantle.

I wonder if any traffic impact study/report has been done on the\is area for the impact of what the high st upgrade will do, as if traffic has to use other routes to get into town u can bet South St will be one, option.

So before the Mayor tries to make traffic congestion worse for the area by adding another apartment tower to a location that already struggles to cope with its traffic congestions, he should have some professional modelling done for the area, by main roads or just like?

End of the day Aldi will just be another foreign owned business killing off small business with its profit doing overseas. Every time a foreign company imports food products we lose control of what we feed our families.

Anyone watching the news would have seen the horse meat scandal that rock Europe a couple of years back. It’s these sort of issues we expose ourselves to with imported foods and much worse. The berry incident, Coles with freshly baked products from Ireland to name a few recent incidents

Then we have the issue that woolies think Aldi not playing on a level field, classic comment from woolies

I can’t see an Aldi wanting apartments above their story with the residents using the car parking space needed for shoppers

Oh well read up on them, google them you will find lots of info and make your decision what u think is best for yourself and your family. Link to council form




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  1. David James says:

    I think Aldi will be a great addition to the Fremantle area, I live close by, and I think it will be good competition for the current duopoly operated by Coles & Woolies, plus IGA for that matter. Lets not let Xenophobia get in the way of good honest competition…

    • Mark says:

      I’m sure it will be competition for the IGA especially if its a newly built building. Sadly in a year or so the competition will more than likely be gone as the IGA will probably close. Its too far away from the coles and woolies to be any competition at all to them
      And we will be 4 or 5 small local business less
      If that’s what the people in the area want its ok with me, though i don’t see it as a step forward.
      I hardly see not wanting foreign companies selling cheaply made imported products and killing off local industry as Xenophobia
      Anyway David thanks for your comment I hope u put one into council

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