Perth Freight Link Damned if we do Damned if we don’t Pt 2.


Following up from Pt 1.

If they bothered to read the Lat 32 plan it does not take trucks off roads or shorten truck trips it actually increases them and requires a longer road to be built. Plus it has Roe 8 as part of its plan. If anything the Lat 32 would increase truck miles and more than likely the number of trucks needed to do the job. Have a look here is a link


Future Regional Road is ROE 8

The High wide load corridor is a road twice as long as PFL for truck trips, not rail. Rail use still stays at the max of 30% whether a new port is built or not.

As the COF council has eluded to in the council meetings is that the PFL well may go ahead anyway, if it does sadly it does not look our council has fought to get the best possible outcome for our suburbs in regards to traffic management and we will just sit and watch as congestion gets worse and more accidents happen and the state government just puts through a road that’s best for the port. Council is missing the opportunity to solve other traffic management issues which have nothing to do with trucks or FPA operations.

I still find it quite amusing the council complains about commercial in confidence when the state government uses it but council has commercial in confidence meetings regularly, the Kings Square business plan a perfect case in point. Since October last year a Fremantle resident has asked questions about some of the financial figures council used which are hidden from residents view due to the council claiming it’s in commercial in confidence. No double standards there right?

Why Does Fremantle Need or Not Need, Perth Freight Link (PFL)


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