Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens




Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens – RN Afternoons – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Now check out how Singapore does a park/garden. This is a city with a vision very limited land space and several massive port infrastructures?

What do we get in Freo, concrete on the Esplanade?

A possible caged A-class reserve @ Jshed

Now more concrete to come at South Beaches grassed area.

The bit of grass area we do have council is giving out for free to private enterprise to profit on leaving the rate payers to fix up the tab

R160 at Burt St I wonder how they will provide the 10% of space as open public area?

I think the council was very upset to be the second most concrete or hard surface area in WA according to the 202020 report, could their aim be, to become Number One ?

Bring on the concrete mixers, super size anyone?


Ready_Mix_Concrete_Truck super size me

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  1. Jayne says:

    Mark, we can but dream! Imagine if Pioneer Park was designed as a stunning garden… The Victoria Quay project was a huge disappointment as it lacked green spaces. People want trees and shade in the warmer months – look how busy The Esplanade is every weekend. Northbridge has changed because of the tree planting done years ago while Freo Council still bangs on about nuclear energy and wind farms and plastic bags and trying to force people to ride bikes and helping their mates open big beer barns. It’s like they’re stuck in the 1990s!

    • Mark says:

      I think they are more interested in driving a political based ideology for their own agenda than achieving tangible results for the residents of Fremantle,
      Hence we have heard nothing about the waste incinerator, the Mayor was so passion about it that he had to fly at rate payers expense to see it in Japan, where is the deliverable outcome to justify such expense to rate payers. How it seems it might be messy with his support base so ideology drives him to hand ball the hot potato to state government to deal with.
      The reason they like concrete in Parks it seems to suits the new 1 planet ideology of water use, being more important than amenity to rate payers, which is actually the main reason for council, not party politics

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