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Source: River tunnel gets minister’s ear | Fremantle Herald Interactive Perth Freight Link issue

Just a few clarifications, while I did speak to Main Roads about the PFL their meeting was not 90 mins, they suggested another person who gave us a 90 mins meeting which lead to the meeting with Dean Nalder. Whom I must say was very generous with his time and open to our suggestions. I imagine he has dozens of restricting issues let alone how much they it would cost.

Also our idea was a little more sophisticated than dumping the rocks over the end of the port, but the intent or suggestion was to use the earth extracted from the tunnel to further extend the port for space, giving the port almost double its dock  current space, freeing up other space for residential or mixed space use, partly to offset the additional cost of tunneling option. A huge cost and time saving issue i’m sure?

The main idea if we had a tunnel and motorway that serviced the area it would work for the port , then at a later date if it had another use, the motorway access would service its next function as well as freeing up our major roads from through traffic, these are the  roads used by local residences and businesses.

It has the potential to seriously lighten traffic on

  • Stirling Hwy
  • Old Fremantle bridge and Queen Victoria St
  • Hampton Rd
  • High St
  • South St
  • Canning Hwy
  • Curtin Ave
  • etc.

Again the point is if the PFL is going to be built, trying to get the best possible outcome for Fremantle, its business and residents, instead of just a motorway in and out of the port.

Perhaps not perfect but the 1st step in a bigger conversation for the greater benefit of Fremantle.



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  1. Mark, it might help if you were to post a map/diagram/drawing of the proposal as it might help explain and expound the virtues of this proposal better.

    At the end of the day, as we have seen time and time again, and especially with this project, the more explanation the better so as to alleviate community concerns and otherwise get community support. Otherwise, as we are now seeing, you get factions and its trench warfare.

    All in all, kudos to you Mark & Co who helped develop this plan. You are displaying the type of community leadership Fremantle needs. Don’t just butt-heads with the State Government because you don’t like their politics, work with them to achieve a better outcome for Fremantle. At the end of the day, the City of Fremantle will be ridden over roughshod and obtain a negative outcome for its citizens, if this project goes ahead with the CoF current adopted hostile stance.

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